Amber, the story of a cure.

Ambra Lion's life took a drastic turn when depression set in. Triggered by the death of her first boyfriend Bench Writer.
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편지의 풍파

저자 : 심훈 저작물명 : 심훈_편지의 풍파 저작자 : 심훈 창작년도 :
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저자 : 심훈 저작물명 : 심훈_히망
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Thoughts I have when I try to hear the silence

The title speaks for itself... ...Right? ***All the pictures used in this work were created using Artbreeder. The idea here is to also send a message through art.
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John's Story

A Father's Job Is Never Easy
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Only if they had more time.

It's about losing a parent to stage 4 bone cancer and trying to live with it
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Sammy Alle: The Star, The Legend, The Icon

Take a deeper dive into Sammy Alle's life as she explains her life in the highly anticipated memoir. She explains love, loss, remembrance and all things in between.
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The Lost Wi-Fi

When an unexpected internet outage hits Sophya's home, she and her mother are forced to abandon digital comfort and venture into the nearly forgotten art of real conversation. As the technological silence deepens, the two rediscover lost connections, sharing laughter, dreams, and art. Through humorous and reflective dialogue, they explore memories…
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Feeling the pain in her heart Emma struggles to bear the feeling to show her suffering to the world.
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The Last Breath

A fireman finds himself fighting for his life after taken on the ruthless flames that caused his change of fate.
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The last Breath

Jingles the clown was doing his normal routine at his circus, performing when a tragic turn had happen and Jingles finds himself on the other side.
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Itsuki's story: the survival through the bombing of Hiroshima

Itsuki is a 5 year old girl living a peaceful life. However, on August 6th 1945, the bombing on Hiroshima occurred. How will she survive through this disaster?
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"Echoes of Reality: Navigating Shadows, Embracing Light"

"Echoes of Reality: Navigating Shadows, Embracing Light" invites readers into the raw and transformative journey of a life marked by struggles, triumphs, and the resilience to navigate the complexities of self-discovery. From the dance with destruction to the triumph of love against all odds, this memoir unravels a narrative that resonates with th…
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Holberts Meadow

Photos of our meadow Brinnon, Washington
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비주얼 스토리

Tears of a Burning Heart

(This story is based on a true-life event. A recap of one of 🇬🇭 Ghana's tragic moments. The Accra Stadium tragedy-2001. My condolences go to all involved. May the souls of the victims rest in peace, amen.) Michael was a survivor of one of life's hateful disasters, a gruesome tragic incident that left him orphaned with no family to call his own. …
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The Life That is Many (MI/Plane 60)

다음 세계관의 일부 Multiverse I What is the meaning of life? This question has been asked for several centuries, we wonder what happens in our lives. We live and we die, but happens after we die where does our soul go? Do we reincarnate and live an entirely different life that is for you to decide.
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Alvin Becraft and his love for glass in the early to mid 20 th Century.
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당신의 의자

저자 : 이정림 저작물명 : 당신의 의자 저작권 : 한국저작권위원회 창작년도 : 2011
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물 한 모금에

저자 : 이정림 저작물명 : 물 한 모금에 저작권 : 한국저작권위원회 창작년도 : 2016
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사직동 그 집

저자 : 이정림 저작물명 : 사직동 그 집 저작권 : 한국저작권위원회 창작년도 : 2006
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Amelia's real eyes

In the forgotten corners of Buenos Aires, Amelia, a secretary in search of meaning in a world obsessed with perfection, discovers an old camera that becomes her window to extraordinariness. Through its lens, the streets come alive in vibrant colors, and the ordinary transforms into portraits of the soul. Despite doubts and fears fueled by society …
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The art

When Peter Moor opened his eyes and remembered, he knew he had lost everything. (Announcement of the eBook).
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블로그 스토리

If I Could Talk To My Younger Self…

Inspired by a friend who told Jakye to write a book to help kids and young teens chase their dreams.
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This is a collection of stories both fiction and real life events. These will be my POV of how I interpret songs in my playlist and their impact on my life and in imagination... 1. Winter bear by v(BTS)-letting go and being at peace with it 2.golden hour by jvke- a song for lovers that makes you feel whimsical 3. Power by EXO- one word, strength 4…
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Dancing in the Rain

In this short story, we follow Melody, a young girl who silently battles with generalized anxiety disorder. Although her condition is never explicitly mentioned, the story portrays her daily struggles and the invisible weight she carries. From her trembling hands to her racing thoughts, Melody's anxiety affects her interactions with others and her…
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Going To The Past To Fix The Future

A girl tries to overcome an event that had a big impact on her in life, but theres something strange thats going on...
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A Diary of a Miscarriage

The honest, raw and heartbreaking reality of miscarriage.
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Lost in Love

Take a heartfelt journey with "Lost in Love," a special book that explores love, family, and faith. This collection brings together touching stories and sincere letters, all inspired by ideas from "The Christian Home." People from around the world share their personal stories and insights, reflecting the Christian values of love, respect, and har…
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