Single Mom

Nathalie's relentless professionalism is not just about organizing schedules and appointments, dealing with important contracts and documents, or taking care of Adrien when necessary. She, above all, is an efficient single mother.
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The X-Academy

There are the weirdos and the popular ones. There are the ones who are loved and the ones who are feared. There are the couples and the lonely ones. There are the ones who dream of someone. That’s the Academy’s way. What can unstable teenagers with powers do?
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The Sorceress’ Apprentice

인증되지 않은 스토리 Caprice claims to have spotted Blood Moon, but no one seems to believe her. Except for Ditzy, that is.
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The Hidden Grief Of Caprice Crumpet

인증되지 않은 스토리 Everyone in The Crumpet household dies except for Caprice, who is wracked with grief.
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You're not alone

인증되지 않은 스토리 Morty is getting abused by his father and has been since he got diagnosed as autistic at 4 years old. He feels alone since he is the only autistic one in his house but then Rick his grandfather shows up and suddenly his life changes. TW's Sexual abuse Physical abuse Emotional abuse Depression Anxiety Self harm Suicide attempt
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Holding Out For A Hero

인증되지 않은 스토리 The Miniforce face Snooze the skunk and try to outmatch The Huntress.
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Flipping Finizen Volume 1

인증되지 않은 스토리 An apathetic Finizen named Finbar tortures his Trainer Mark and the other Paldeans in various ways.
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A New Friend In Wondergrove

인증되지 않은 스토리 A new kid moves into Wondergrove. Everyone would like to be her friend. Everyone except for Chris, that is.
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Hazbin Hotel: Toxicity

인증되지 않은 스토리 Frost is a coworker of Angel Dust. His soul is also owned by Val and he takes all the heat when Angel isn’t there. His boyfriend is another actor for Val and wants Frost to move to the Hotel he’s heard about from Angel Dust. However, Frost has grown to resent Angel Dust. Will he be able to forgive and move forward?
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Poison Oak

인증되지 않은 스토리 Everyone in Ivysaur Avenue ( minus Oakley) is hooked on poison oak, leading Oakley to go on a mission to find a cause. Maybe a quarter of Pokémon could have something to do with it.
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Seeds Of Change

인증되지 않은 스토리 The energetic and upbeat Monica loses her sparkle one day. Turns out, she’s evolving, to her chagrin.
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Cupid The Babysitter

인증되지 않은 스토리 Skye and Nina develop feelings for one another in this short-but sweet “ Nina’s World” slash fanfiction.
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My Looney Middle 1# (Inkspired Edition)

인증되지 않은 스토리 Newcomer Daffy Duck is destined to get fame and bring his slutty-ass self to an education after his brother kicked him out of the house, now he's with a sorority boy, and a fucking pig. Destined to be someone in a school for whores, who else is here? None other than (goddammit *sighs*) bugs bunny!
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인증되지 않은 스토리 A Greavard happily kills people by draining their souls, unaware that a huntress and her Weavile are tracking him down. ( Thanks to Avery and Haley, Greavard and the bounty Hunter have names)
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Caprice Gets Lost

인증되지 않은 스토리 Caprice runs away from home.
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Broken In Time

인증되지 않은 스토리 How could one stopwatch lead to such terrible consequences? Miles learns that the hard way when he is given a cursed stopwatch by The Time Breaker and ends up in an alternate world where he never existed, with some disastrous consequences.
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the angelic kid of God

인증되지 않은 스토리 hi so this story is about a kid who is a gift of god on earth i am the author Umar hayat and i had a dream according to this story and theres how i got my inspiration
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In The Beginning

인증되지 않은 스토리 Because of Kyle’s carelessness, the Time Travelers end up in an alternate and creepy universe.
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Stay With Me

인증되지 않은 스토리 Adventure Time Fanfiction, Summary: What if the scene at the end of 'Simon and Marcy' went differently, and Simon hadn't been able to put on the crown? What if they both got away, with Simon hanging onto enough of his sanity to stay with Marceline and not send her off to her father? They're both going through it, but at least they have each other.
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You Can Live Without Me

인증되지 않은 스토리 All signs pointed to Aria's death, including her illness and Sonata's desperate pleas to her sister to stay alive. Aria knew that she was going to die, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. As her health rapidly deteriorated, Aria was prepared for her death, but that didn't make it any easier for Sonata, whose pleas and pleas for her sist…
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Death Of Time

인증되지 않은 스토리 The three Hisui starters and their new friends must stop Mismagius from creating a dreadful future out of a wonderful present.
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“ Bicycle” And Other Allegorical Tales

인증되지 않은 스토리 The allegorical adventures continue with tales such as “ Arcade”, “ Bicycle”, and “ Treasure”.
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Fishtronaut: Origin Of Friendship

인증되지 않은 스토리 Discover how Marina. Zeek, and Fishtronaut became friends in this short but sweet fanfiction.
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New Yorker in every entertainment group

인증되지 않은 스토리 The story is about a girl named Larissa, who joins every entertainment group because of how social she is, and she tells everyone who are the New York state coach is
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인터랙티브 스토리

Miraculous Ladybug: Guardian’s Legacy

인증되지 않은 스토리 In the story of "Miraculous: The Guardian’s Legacy, Marinette, a young and talented girl, becomes the next Ladybug Miraculous holder under the guidance of the wise and experienced Master Fu. Throughout the episodes, Marinette embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing various challenges and uncovering the secrets of the Miraculouses.
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The owl house: Son of Belos

인증되지 않은 스토리 Luisa Noceda begins her new semester at Hexside Academy with her friends Erich, son of Willow, and Penelope, daughter of Boscha. Everything seems fine at first, however, a mysterious evil soon emerges when Palisman goes missing. Is it the return of Belos, or something even worse? Lumity
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AMONG US season 1|TAD books in english

인증되지 않은 스토리 SUS It is a company and we will explore all the branches together with THE DAMNED IMPOSTORS
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Miranda and her daughter go to Vyond Island

인증되지 않은 스토리 A woman named Miranda and her youngest daughter, Chelsea are going to Vyond island from the CM animation videos, you are going to be reading from each character’s point of view, everyone is going to be introduced as Mrs. or Mr. to Chelsea because she is still quite young
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인터랙티브 스토리