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Came back!

Hiiii!!! I came back guys!!! And good morning or evening or afternoon where ever you were!!! And thanks for waiting for me!!!. Will come back with my stories so please wait for more time! Maybe by two days I will start submitting every week again!!! And ¥Bye-bye¥.

2024년 6월 7일 11:18 오전 0 신고하기 삽입됨 0

Going for sometime

I will not be able to come here because of some new happy things soooooo gonna make you all wait but thanks for reading and following me hope I keep on writing new things and buhbye!.

2024년 4월 11일 1:11 오후 1 신고하기 삽입됨 0

A Book And A Mirror.

Tell me what do you guys think about the 18 chapter of a book and put it a mirror!?. Is it comedy more or is it drama more?.

2024년 3월 11일 9:59 오전 2 신고하기 삽입됨 0
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