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The universe that makes you feel all tingly inside...

This universe is where original erotic short stories with entirely fictional characters and scenarios will be posted. Each story varies in intensity but will never become grotesque in nature. Every story of mine will attempt to draw out arousal. Non Verified Universe Fantaisie imaginée et surréaliste Partager

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Histoires de The Horniverse

Easy As Panty Pie Canon Main Story
Izumi Nakagawa. Friend of the rich snob Aneko Ito, the yoga nut Sara Suzuki, the party girl Eizan Odori, as well as to …
The Juicy Dare Canon Prequel of Main Story
Izumi Nakagawa's sex life gets altered dramatically, all because of a pen... This story is the prequel story to 'Easy …
Pleasurable Violations Canon Side Story
All it took was the wrong day for the sexy Isabelle Sanders, to pleasure her boyfriend to orgasm in college class when …
An Unorthodox Hook-up Canon Side Story
Meet Leondra Phillips, an American exchange student living and going to college in Tokyo, Japan. While she is beautiful…
Free Sample Canon Side Story
Grace let the man look, and it led to more... Part of the Horniverse
Cruel & Unusual Punishment Canon Side Story
Karen Cox, better known as Sergeant Officer Cox by not only her pals in blue but also every male inmate in the maximum …

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