The Origin of All Existence

Based in a Supernatural Encounter with God , The Spiritual Eyes of a Blinded Sinner is now Wide-Open …, Fragmented by 20 Years of Theological Research combined by Spiritual Experiences from Miracles to intense Persecution . inspired by The Devine , a Panorama of the Very Birth of The Universe unto the Very brink of Prophetical Predictions of the Final End of life on Earth . This Journey of Adventure ,Revelations ,Awakening ,Inspiring Thriller ,Revealing Universe Structure . Will Change your Life Present past and Future Perception Forever... Non Verified Universe Historic, Renaissance Partager

#truth #historical #inspirational #christian #church #religious #gospel #faith #spiritual #awakening #Revealing

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Web design, Video production, Storyline development, Music producer, Illustrator, Ghost writer, Concept Art, Co-author, Character design, BETA reader, Background Design, Animation, 3D modelling.

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The Origin of All Evil Canon Sequel to Main Stoty
Based in a Supernatural Eye Opening Encounter with God . A Blinded Sinner Survives The Valley of the Shadow of Death . …

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Rafael Froeder Rafael Froeder
Greetings to All … Just an Orbs: As you Read along the Journey beware the Grammar Mistakes are yet to be Corrected … you're Witnessing the very progression of the Project from within the Work-Shop *
June 08, 2022, 09:14