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There's something different about this world.

Shields and Shadows is the name of the universe where characters from Badge in the Shadows, the following sequel, and a few short stories of mine intersect. Non Verified Universe Fantaisie imaginée et surréaliste Partager

#mystery #fiction #fantasy #noir #crime #comedy #drama #surreal #novella #police #saga #detective #series #short-story #diverse #three-down #badge-in-the-shadows #smoke-on-the-cruise

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Character design, Webcomic artist, Illustrator, Concept Art, Map designer, Video production, Backers, Web design, BETA reader.

Histoires de Shields & Shadows

Badge in the Shadows Canon Main Story
Oftentimes in life, we face obstacles with no clear solution. Our hero is up against insurmountable darkness in his bal…
Smoke On The Cruise Canon Sequel to Main Stoty
Mystique power and influence reveal themselves from the shadows. Deep connections, unanswered questions, and a cruise s…
Three Down Canon Side Story
Three high-school seniors seek out shadow people in a graveyard rumored to be haunted at the edge of town.
Dumbstruck Canon Crossover
Suclese wakes up in an unfamiliar land. Pulled from the comforts she knows to the wide-open road. She faces unfamiliar …

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