There's another world out there- are you ready to explore?

Our world is very real. But there is another. It is slightly sinister, and dark clouds hang overhead like a shroud. New London is a mirror, held up to our London, and right now it is a city descending into chaos. Our London and New London are two worlds blending together and this can only mean one thing: chaos. Alarming creatures are crawling out of the shadows, and the inhabitants of our London will never be ready for them. Non Verified Universe Fantaisie imaginée et surréaliste Partager

#fantasy #381 #action #BIPOC-characters #adventure #multiverse

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Character design, Concept Art, Storyline development.

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Dani  James Dani James
Amazing! Looking forward to discovering more about this universe! I hope it unfolds more soon:)
October 14, 2022, 10:23