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Metal ground, small amounts of organic features

An artificial planet created by the Cinthyan race.

Not much is known about how or why the Cinthyans constructed a world for themselves aside from what their elders had said before eventually passing away: A huge feud between elitists and freethinkers led to Cinthyatar's inception.

Art created by 'Hameed' over on Deviant Art. Is twice the size of the Planet Earth, taking 48 hours for a day to conclude and 730 days for a new year to begin. At 12:00 A.M. everyday, The current day will transition through daily cycles: 'First' & 'Last'. If the current day is on 'First Cycle', it will change to 'Last Cycle'. And upon reaching 12:00 A.M. on 'Last Cycle', a new day will begin and return to 'First Cycle' once again.