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Futora Romanoro

Gamer Girl of the Interwebs

Minor Character


Best Cinthyan gamer


Cinthyan (Cybernetic Human)

Self Employed Video game streamer/NSFW content creator

Gamer's Wet Dream.


Cytorae City

Cytorae City





Average body, slim build



Des relations


High School Knowledge

Average Intelligent

Self Employed

Lower-Class to Middle-class



Snarky, Sassy, Comical, Extremely flirtatious

Agnostic but leans towards believing in a God.

Playing every video game in existence, Finding a boyfriend who isn't an abusive jerk

Uses a ton of sexual innuendo in her conversations with men and women, only wears her black tank top and matching colored skirt as her outfit, never wears pants and would rather walk around naked before doing so, very competitive in gaming, sore loser

The most popular gamer on Cinthyatar. If your eyes aren't in staring at her body, then they are at her gameplay on the popular streaming app, Jitter.

"Life is everyone's exclusive AAA hard copy disc video game. But if you want it to end, Breaking your disc is your choice to make."

Sucks at puzzle games or high skill tactical FPS games.

Severe PTSD from a ex boyfriend who took rough sex too far and gets extremely emotional when anyone is on the receiving end of gaslighting

Likes: Skirts, tank tops, video games, movies, sexy older men and women, talking Dislikes: Awkward silences, pants, underwear the looks like what old ladies wear, books, mobile games, losing in video games

Likes when men or women look into her skirt and seeing whatever color underwear she is wearing that day, Likes sharing naked photos of herself to fans.

Closet Bisexual, ADHD, Mildly Autistic

Poor skills communicating with the opposite sex, Extremely skeptical of not being abused again

Video games, nude selfies, feeling up her male and female fan's bodies.

Unbeknownst to her, She relives the same exact day over and over again for an entire year. Only her boyfriend, Larsen Phillips, is aware of this and knows exactly what caused the time loop to occur.