Underathian Culture

Underathians are unique from other kingdoms as they are one of the only human domains and their culture resembles that of Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe and Ancient Greece.



The Underathians are kind people who care mostly about having fun and contributing to their city's prosperity. Though, they are also bloodthirsty and and always love the adrenaline from a good fight. They don't favor war but won't restrain from using it as a weapon to make right what they think is an injustice. A vast majority of Underathians has a rooted hatred for the Kingdom of RavenSlath.

Underathians are far superior than any other human nation noteably for their domain's size, wealth, and cultural heritage.



A mix of medieval English and Latin architecture

Latin alphabet

Façon de vivre

There is a nutral-gendered god called Ev wjp had four children. Rea, goddess of creation, Mol, God of life, Berka, goddess of destruction, and Rot, god of death. Rea and Mol partnered and gave birth to San, god of light, and Berka with Rot partnered gave birth to Mia, goddess of darkness. Their two kids could not resist falling in love and gave birth to Noir, the god of nature. But their parents did not approve of their children's love, as they were complete opposites and wanted to kill Noir. Worried, Mia filled the sky with darkness, making space dark, and Sam filled this darkness with countless little lights so that their parents would never be able to guess which one housed the child they so desperately wanted to kill. And so, Noir could survive and make the Earth, the humans, and the animals so he could watch over them and never be alone.

Adulthood comes at the age of 16

Every prince must face a challenge in Archery, Horse Riding, Fighting and administrating a small town in order to be consindered an adult at the age of 16