Mia meets with Etha

This is how I will summarize the first chapter

Etha has been living in basha for his entire life. He meets a strange person who is named Mia. She offers him a job she claims only he would be capable of. A Sandstorm interferes with their conversation. Etha quickly gets Mia into his home where it would be safer. During the storm some hell hounds find their way into the Basha Settlement walls, killing a few residents to their awareness. Mia explains that he the best for the job and that it could change life for everyone within the Badlands. That it may be a place to find a way to provide drinking water to everyone. Even in land like Basha. Mia and Etha agree to move onto New Boston in order to try to make it towards the area Mia claims may have information regarding purifying water.

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