Margarita Lapina Suivre Marsopolis , Bermuda.
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High Еech development is essential for effective leadership and a better present. The recipe for success for an ingenious ideally ingenious ability to be materialized at the ideal time in the right place How are ideas born? What is naming? What is e…
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300 Day hapiness

"I had a dream that when I come into the world, I will have a guardian angel. No matter what his name is. I will call him Mom. Mom, I'm here inside! We are already together! I’m very comfortable and nice here, you gently hug me from all sides. Momm…
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Barsenty's Land

Hello sear parents and my little readers! On the pages of this book we will rejoice, develop, grow and watch the kitten Barsenty, who will then turn into the Great Warrior and the Mighty King - the lord of the lands of Barsenty Здравствуйте дорогие …
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Magic elements and Energy's moments

Children's song nursery rhyme For parents and their children To all the letters of the alphabet, a chant is sung to your child’s favorite tunes With great Love and best wishes, Lapina Margarita )) Детская песенка-потешка Для родителей и их детей-бил…
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SmartiScope: Best Future Story

The book is intended for a wide audience The author of aphorisms speaks every language of love, awareness and kindness Anyone who speaks the world in the language of the good will gain understanding in any country and on any planet - on Mars or on …
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Future Story

We love Best Ideas!!
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