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River Of Anew: Farming In Another World

Histoire non vérifiée A sudden dramatic change in one's life would lead to drastic changes. What if that change were to provide something unexpectedly great and exciting events and changes? After a tragic event, Foin was granted a new life full of excitement. Will he man…
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Gates of Ardion

Histoire non vérifiée Playing a video game is fun, but what happens if it becomes a reality? In a world where you have the power of a player, what could you do; what WOULD you do? Would you try to save the world? Destroy it? Or just have fun? Or, perhaps, something else?
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The Second Dawn Of The Conjurer

After being summoned to another world, being tormented, and being toyed with by a god, Nolin finally managed to stand up against him. However, he was powerless against him even after many years of training. After suffering a decisive defeat, Nolin w…
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The Arrival Of The Magic Engineer

Histoire non vérifiée Tom, is an average everyday man. He worked as an engineer but was also a great handyman. One day after watching his favourite show, he was teleported to another world, where he decided to live a leisurely life
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Dave Dalin was living his life until one day while he was on his way to school, he was pushed from a bridge and was hit by a car. Moments after he was hit, he found himself in a new world. In which he is being called as "Demon Lord".
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Path Of The Cultured Uncultured One

Yang Gu, despite his name, is American and has lived there ever since he was born, but one day while he was jogging, an unexpected phenomenon occurred, and he was taken to an unknown realm.
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