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Grandpa's House

More Than Once, This Little Boy Have To Struggle Yet More. Just For the Mere Reason, That His Dad And Mom Didn't Take Responsibility For Their Child.
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A Book And A Mirror

I Couldn't Resist And Fell Inside 'IT' " I?" *** "This kingdom is called Krystal" *** " are not human..." *** "I'm sorry for what happend. I promise I'll fix it" *** "I DON'T WANT TO REGRESS AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN JUST...just don…
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Every new about me and my page.

Histoire non vérifiée My thoughts
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Histoire de blog

Small Pearly Lights

Histoire non vérifiée They Are Really Small, But I Will Follow Them All The Way Down To HELL "Hah, what is this?" *** "Sometimes, when I talk to you, I feel like... I feel like I'm talking to an adult" *** "And on this day forward, no one dare and call Anne the street…
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A Memory Of A Child

Histoire non vérifiée Going through this isn't easy, but I can't sit still while this filthy man doing whatever he want.
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