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Turn the Time🕰️

Histoire non vérifiée Sarah Connor made a Time Machine to go to the future to see the love of her life, Kyle Reese.
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Cigarette Daydreams

Histoire non vérifiée So here’s what going on, the stories worlds are intertwined (if that makes sense). Dally and Cherry were a couple, and so we’re Rusty James and patty, Tex was the third wheeling friend. When Cherry finds dally in the bedroom with patty, cherry gets …
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💔Cruel Summer (with you)☀️

Histoire non vérifiée It was the summer break after Johnny died and Dally doesn’t know how to cope with it. Could a certain red head help him? Read “Cruel Summer” to find out. ⚠️warning if you’re uncomfortable with mentions of suicidal thoughts.
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Blueberry Pancakes🫐🥞

Histoire non vérifiée Cherry Valance gets abused by her boyfriend, Bob Sheldon. She hasn’t told anyone, except Dallas Winston. Dallas is the only one who understands her. After Cherry and Dallas share a kiss in the breakfast parlor, they begin to have an understanding fo…
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A hard days night HanxLeia fanfic

Histoire non vérifiée A series of different versions of Han and Leia sleeping together and there trying to hide it from Luke😬
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