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I am Shadow_Rave from Wattpad, and I wanted another way to share my stories! 21+ Pan She/They https://None. United States.
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The story about the love of three girls. Will their love for each other become one of everlasting lust, or will it end in disaster?
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Histoire non vérifiée “You sure about this?” Kana asked softly to taller female who was toward over her. Samantha nodded. “Of course I’m sure, don’t worry.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The story of a young girl named Kana arriving to…
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Beyond the Surface: Veil of Shadows

Histoire non vérifiée A tale of forbidden love, dark magic, and the ultimate quest for redemption in a world where trust is a rare commodity and betrayal lurks around every corner. Join Seraphina and Azura as they navigate the perilous path to true understanding and disc…
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Histoire non vérifiée ~This Story Will Be Edited Throughout The Update Process~
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The Hollow Kidnapping and Killing

Not sure if I want to continue this or not... So... choose!!!!!
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Lingering Pain

**WARNING!: MAY CONTAIN SOME TOPICS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13! READER/VIEWER DESECRATION IS ADVISED** A young girl named Tallia Grey has been having trouble dealing with her depression. She may go to a therapist, but he doesn't seem to be …
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Leaving Home

After years of living with her parents, Avri Lo, a nineteen (19) year old witch, has finally gathered enough courage to pack her things and leave the “god for awful” household she had lived in for nineteen (19) years. She had decided to move to Los …
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