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I like writing, because you can let the paper know whatever you want, without causing anyone any pain. Somehow the emotions have to come out sooner or later. And if it's not through art but on a person you may end up having to live with that guilt forever since scars never truly heal... Germany.
REJOINT Déc 26, 2021

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Histoire non vérifiée Ramadan Kareem! The month Ramadan started and I'll try writing a poem each day to hopefully put some light in each day of this month into your day! Have fun and have a nice day!
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Histoire non vérifiée I hope this poem will give you some motivation for today and make you smile ;) (For real - start smiling!)
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One poem a day keeps the dullness away

Histoire non vérifiée One poem a day keeps the dullness away. ...or... or is it the emotions it holds back? The anguish, despair and fear that's somewhere hidden, deep inside everyone? Writing poetry helps me calm down myself and order all my thoughts. And I hope it he…
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Histoire non vérifiée Life is sad, Life is painful, Life is lovely, Life is dreadful. Life teaches lessons, Like no one else can, I hope you'll find them useful, I hope it'll help.
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"And you are supposed to be a detective?!"

Histoire non vérifiée While Elizabeth is playing old board games with small kids in the Green-Village, John is writing a protocol in his laptop in the Linux-City. One day however, these two totally incompatible people are being thrown into something together by their not…
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My life - depressed

Histoire non vérifiée My life - depressed
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