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Single mom been through a lot in my life, I enjoy to write it keeps me going, I’m not that good I’m still learning but I do enjoy to write… another thing I like to do is spend time with my daughter she’s a growing child and I love her so much!!! She’s all I have left after losing my immediate family Hitchcock Texas , United States.
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Nicole’s Story….

Histoire non vérifiée Nicole is fourteen years old now, when she was 5 her stepfather raped her repeatedly through out the years her mom never knew until Nicole finally had the courage to say something about it…. Her mom was furious and didn’t know what to do… but she en…
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Histoire non vérifiée Nobody is perfect we all have our flaws & habits and things. It’s life but I’ve experienced alot in my life & im sharing my story my experiences and what I believe experiences mean…
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The New Girl

Histoire non vérifiée Jolie was a new girl in school she was from Ireland didn’t know anyone until she met curt. Curt became her new best friend until something happened at school
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Devin’s Journey

Histoire non vérifiée Devin was a young kid bouncing from foster care to foster care and didn’t really have a real place to call home. Didn’t know his family or anything… One day Devin was tired of living in the system so he ran away and wanted too find his family he d…
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Died Dancing

Histoire non vérifiée Alandra & her Mom moved 8 hours away to Chicago because her mom received a promotion at work. It pays more plus more benefits so her mom had to take it. They have moved 4 times in a year. Alandra was so tired of moving. But her mom said this was the…
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Janet’s Big Secret

Janet turned 16 last weekend which was pretty big because she was finally 16 and she found out that she was pregnant… she freaked out and her parents couldn’t find out at least not yet. So she’s been holding this big secret but days past and she’s…
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My Story

Histoire non vérifiée A little bit about my family and us growing up, just sharing a little bit about my life story…
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Maverick’s Lucky Day!!!

Histoire non vérifiée Maverick has always wished his family would win the lotto, his dad got hurt at work and wasn’t working as much they were barely making ends meet. But one day all that changes when Maverick goes and buy lotto tickets….
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Managing to Remain Strong

Histoire non vérifiée Stacy had to endure some horrible news about her parents being in a bad car accident and they didn’t survive… she didn’t know what to do because her parents helped her with everything she had to manage things on her own especially being a single par…
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Rainys Stories

Histoire non vérifiée About my passion too write and why I started writing. Being a single mom doing things alone. I definitely felt alone when my mom passed away. My dad passed in 98 my brother took his life in 2014 and I was the last surviving child. I don’t really hav…
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Histoire de blog

Being Yourself

Histoire non vérifiée Marissa was very shy & she wished she could over come being shy but that day at school wasn’t really going as planned until this random lady showed up and gave her some great advice.
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