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Water and the flow of emotion into physical power to be a Master of Water!!!!

Histoire non vérifiée This book is considered a instruction manual on how to harness and use the flow of water within your body to produce power outward from your body
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Wisdom of Wisdoms to Come

Histoire non vérifiée Wisdom
2.3k vues 2 Nouveau chapitre Every week

An interview with God!!!

Histoire non vérifiée This is a true story none of this information has been falsified in any way
3.5k vues 3 Nouveau chapitre Tous les lundis

Fire :vision into and out of the void to reflect all

Histoire non vérifiée This is a manuscript describing the mastery of the element of Fire
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Air and The Original Form of Depression now Pressure

Histoire non vérifiée To shed the human form and rid thyself of this body to become Air !!!To become a Master of Air
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Earth the power of fixed position in the cosmos The Record Keeper

Histoire non vérifiée This manuscript is to better the knowledge of pulling the Earth from underneath you up into your diaphragm and out through your hands
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