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Majesty: A personal anecdote

Majesty Day wants to find her true self. She's always felt like just a piece of a bigger picture. Growing up, all that mattered was school, and everything else was second. It never occurred to her how much she needed to grow. After a rough breakup, …
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Worth It

After experiencing a failed marriage and dealing with her estranged love life, Jade Rowland has decided that it was best to focus on herself and build her self-esteem before she thinks about settling down again. All she wants is to let go and have f…
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Loveless February

Histoire non vérifiée Cupid goes missing days before February
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Under Construction

Histoire non vérifiée Forgiveness isn’t easy but it’s worth it. It’s necessary for survival and to reconcile with yourself.
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Joy Comes in the Morning

Histoire non vérifiée Joy has had a rough up bringing and has completely lost faith especially after loosing her mother to her abusive, alcoholic father. Having to grow up, she's takes on the responsibility of being her brother's primary caretaker. Set on creating a bett…
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Just a poem about the power of love
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