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My Heart Beats

Music is at the center of my life. It was only right to put together something in honor of all that it has done for me and to me. It has never turned it's back on me and never fails toake me feel better. Here's to you Music 🎶
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Histoire non vérifiée People who were an inspiration in my life. Also whom to me were exceptional people who have gone unnoticed by the world.
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So many Goodbyes

Histoire non vérifiée Goodbyes are bittersweet most of the time. I wish good byes could disappear, and then just maybe you would still be here
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Broken Spirit

Histoire non vérifiée My last heartbreak
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Love is My Loss

Histoire non vérifiée all I ever do is lose in love
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Run No More

Histoire non vérifiée How my mind works sometimes
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Happiness Untainted

Histoire non vérifiée everyone deserves to experience true happiness in life
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I Don't Know

Histoire non vérifiée About me struggling with life and how I fight with myself about in my mind. This happens quite often, I felt like writing about it would somehow help me.
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Me Storms

Histoire non vérifiée Me fighting with myself in my head
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Histoire non vérifiée About how feel like a failure most of the time and have throughout my whole life
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life as I knew it

Histoire non vérifiée Life is what it is you just got to hold on and enjoy the ride
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