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Just like a caged-bird My soul is trapped It wants to get free But will never get liberty -©t.m_Neel Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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Leaves Of Love

Histoire non vérifiée Every year the season changes . It changes at a rapid pace . Amid the changing seasons we experience a lot of things like love , agony , happiness , memories etc . In one of those seasons a girl named Yuuki fell in love too . Read the story to find …
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Random Cadency Of Blue_Ghost

Histoire non vérifiée I don't need to fall in love In order to write romantic poems I am enough delusional for that
4.6mille vues 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les vendredis

Hold Onto Me

Histoire non vérifiée On the night of Rio's birthday his whole existence changed . He understood the value of people who were always there for him . He understood just like the light and dark are the most important part to understand the value of the other one . Similarl…
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Forget Me Not

Histoire non vérifiée Forget me nots are Blue, the color of sadness that resembles me , the sadness that runs as wide as the sky and deep as the ocean . So I beg you "can you not forget me & remember me through my writing ? "
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Benevolent Love

Histoire non vérifiée a girl's fiancée got murder . she came to a detective agency & reported bout the murder to the detectives . the detectives also got to know that this killer had killed his family members too . after collecting some information & details they hired t…
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Ghost Of You

Histoire non vérifiée Although Arabella had a cool but playboy bf , Caden . She had an extreme crush on the school's most famous boy Austin. But she couldn't express her feelings to him as Christina who was the most beautiful girl of the school was his gf. One day while…
4.1mille vues 1 Histoire terminée

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