Mohammad Raza Suivre

Hi I’m a 16 year old boy who loves writing and I’ve always either wanted to write stories for fun, or for work like an author. I would love to fulfill my dream of being a writer for the WWE. More books are coming out in either the horror category or more drama or thriller. London, United Kingdom , United Kingdom.
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Death in Lloyd School

Histoire non vérifiée Lloyd School is a boarding school for orphaned students and is located in an urban district of St Paul. The security in Lloyd School is very strong and has a number of security guards who protect the students but at times they slip up.
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Histoire non vérifiée Jack and Stephanie are a happy couple who have four children and a big house surrounded by friends and family. However once Stephanie changes her mood, Jack decides to snoop around to figure out the root of the problem. What he finds could break or …
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Snakes In The Dark

Histoire non vérifiée Seth lives in Raven which is a state of Fordland. He hears snakes hissing whenever he sleeps and one night he saw one in his bed. But when his mother gets killed it’s up to Seth to find out the root of the snakes.
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