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Never underestimate the power of pen and paper. United States.
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Secrets hidden, pasts forgot, and a mystery unsolved. But not for long.
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Why I Write

Why I write. Sorry I've been inactive. And also don't copy this I have a copyright with all rights reserved on this so don't even think about it.
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One Strike, You're Out!

Debate Qasem Soleimani.
4.6k vues 1 Histoire terminée

The Properties of Uniformitarianism

The truth about the weirdos.
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My Friend's Supposed Reincarnation.

The dumb story that I was forced to write.
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The Girl

Histoire non vérifiée What is it like to be chosen?
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Journey to Publishing

Histoire non vérifiée Hi! I am Midnight Rose and this is the story of my book getting written and published! Follow along on my journey to publishing!
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