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I'm 58 years old, living in Arizona, I love to learn more about investing, I'm single and not looking for a relationship, I love people, I have a large amount of friends that I love and care for. Apache Junction, United States.
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"Depression" can I help you?

Understanding lifes big changes and how to adapt to these changes. Give a better way of how to look at your life. Find out how to change your life. How easy it is to make life go how you want it. Learn how to use the power that God gave us as a hum…
9.7mille vues 28 20 Histoire terminée


Finding The Superstitions Gold

Histoire non vérifiée Fictional Story, finding gold by the Superstition Mountain with paranormal problems, BigFoot, Ghosts, and UFOs
2.8mille vues 3 Histoire terminée

When The Big Hungry Man-Apes Come

Histoire non vérifiée Bigfoot in the woods and how I helped the animals, and how he helped me. non-fiction
1.7mille vues 9 1 Histoire terminée

The Monkey on my back. Spirits or Demonic?

a true story, my childhood in a haunted house was very normal to grow up with ghostly activity all the time that I never felt in harms way. When I turned 13 my father sold the house to move to Mesa Arizona. We were all shocked that my dad sold the h…
#10 Dan Paranormal 6.0mille vues 17 9 Histoire terminée

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