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I love to read books and write them! United States.
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Book 3 The Devoted: Packs Path

Histoire non vérifiée Dawn has finally had her puppies and is very happy to have them out, but now she's part of a pack. Devoted to the cruel dog they call Alpha. While there Dawn learns that packs are different from just being wild, Feather and Blue are growing into pit…
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Book 2 The Devoted: Strange Strays

Histoire non vérifiée Dawn's life is new with being pregnant, cold forest coming up, and a food shortage she already has enough to worry about. But when a straggly stray comes along Dawn's life get's harder not to mention more strays coming at her as foes and allies. Daw…
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Book 1 The Devoted: Wild Ways

Histoire non vérifiée Rockelle is a Kings Charles Cocker Spaniel who is a happy pet. When her owner, Emily, house catches fire the family is forced to move. But Emily’s parents won’t allow Rockelle to join them. Once sent to the pound Rockelle escapes with some other dog…
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