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I write dark erotica. Not for the faint of heart. Many are about werewolves or other mythical creatures with dark lustful hungers. There is raw animal aggression and darker elements. Please read with caution as some elements can be triggering. For more of my work or to support me, please visit my Patreon Page at: https://www.patreon.com/K_K_S_?fan_landing=true http://kksdarkerotica.com. United States.
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Mes histoires

The Pack's Girl

She was rescued by our pack, the Asara. But with her delicious female scent, my brothers and I soon caught a whiff of her. We liked it and were quick to investigate. It didn't take us long to figure out what she was hiding under that oversized c…
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The Barbarian's Pleasure

I'd been lonely lately. Having accrued enough wealth to no longer need to go on the raids I was well off. Now I just needed a little slave girl to warm my bed. I'd considered a docile thing with a warm spot for me. But instead, I was intrigued by …
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Nowhere to Run

Unfortunately, in this day and age it has been outlawed for pack wolves to mate with human women. Worse yet. Females being born to the packs are becoming increasingly rare. Further concerning, is the Full Moon's arrival. The Mating Moon. The males…
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Nightmare Man

There was no question about the fact that I liked men. Craved them. That must've been why the thing across the street caught my scent. But what it came hunting for was much more than I'd have ever guessed and his appetites would be unlike anything…
9.4mille vues 11 Nouveau chapitre Tous les 15 jours

An Unwilling Mate

Samantha: Jaecar, the fiercest of the Border Guard, has always been kind to me. Indulging me despite what I thought was his lack of sexual interest. That all changed the day he told me he'd have me as his mate. I said no. Spurring Jaecar to go fr…
17.7mille vues 1 11 Nouveau chapitre Tous les 15 jours

A Pirate's Plaything

I was hiding as cargo on the ship Mandrake. When it was pirated, I did some quick-thinking and pretended to be a cabin boy. But he scented me at the get. And the moment he had me alone he stripped me down to prove what he already knew. I was all w…
#2 Dan Erotica 20.0mille vues 9 47 Nouveau chapitre Tous les 15 jours


A particularly dark tale. Not for the faint of heart. He was the all-powerful Magistrate Mathis. The man that accused the witches and then found them guilty in the dungeons of WitchFall Fortress. I had feared ever being one of them, but not enou…
6.7mille vues 3 8 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

Warlord's Ward

He came into our village like a shadow. A Dark Dread filled with powerful magic. The King merely called him Warlord. And he owned the name. Leaving wreckage in his wake. But for me he had other plans. His cutting blue eyes seeing straight thro…
6.9mille vues 8 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

The Taming

We are immortals. The Forever Knights. I am a shapeshifter. Collared with a special pendant to be summoned by our alpha. She tried to steal it. But the last thing she expected was for me to turn the tables as soon as we were out of view of my part…
10.0mille vues 4 26 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

The Price of Vengeance

I was a famed assassin. She knew my name. Everyone did. Feral. Death's very own hound. But she was the one that'd left our hut in the dead of night. And I wasn't one to forget something like that. I'd gone looking for her when she left things the…
9.2mille vues 3 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

The Pack Girl's Retribution

I had been nearly dead, covered in blood and unable to remember anything other then I was scared. I remembered making it to the Asara Territory wall, half-starved. Jaecar, a Border Guard had found me and been kind enough to guide me into the Territ…
7.3mille vues 1 10 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines


I am a Catalyst. The Spark, the lore calls me. The problem with being a Spark was two-fold. Monsters were drawn to me. And I'd known so many of them that I found myself unable to be intrigued by any normal, human male. I was drawn to those dan…
8.6mille vues 1 6 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

Porter's Reward

Kane Porter was as boring as his name implied. Of all the financial coordinators under me, he was the one least likely to be interesting on an intoxicated evening. Kane was quiet, well-mannered and nobody was friends with him. I was his boss an…
9.5mille vues 7 7 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

Mine by Royal Decree

A Feral Fey Tale. She was always mine. From the moment I saw her, she was mine. I was royalty and I commanded her mother sign her over to me. And like a good fey lad, I waited for the moment the papers were written and the ceremony completed to h…
9.8mille vues 3 22 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

Filthy Fairytales Anthology

Wolves, mermaids, princesses, and villains. The same stories you once knew with new, dark, twists. How did Snow really get out of that tower? How'd the mermaid really get her legs? What really happened to Little Red? How did Dorian Gray really stay …
8.8mille vues 14 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

Inclus dans: Ongoing Novels ($5/mois),

The Bad Boy & The Tomboy

Eric was my nemesis. The school bully who had laser focus on me as his target. As if highschool wasn't hard enough. Even worse, he was quite possibly the one person that seemed to know me best. All I wanted was to avoid Eric but he had a knack fo…
10.0mille vues 5 38 Histoire terminée

Horror & Lore One Shots Anthology

Some of the most terrifying creatures from lore emerge to terrify along with the darker elements of human nature to provide some unsettling situations. Including blackmail, monsters, and terrifying discomfort. 01 - THE MASQUERADE 02 - THE WRONG ONE…
5.4mille vues 1 12 Histoire terminée

Inclus dans: Completed Novels ($5/mois),

The Ravening

I had no idea why the panicked witches marked me at first. But it didn't take me long to realize I'd been sacrificed to assuage the hunger of an insatiable incubus. A man sentenced to haunt the Earth as a demon with a ravening hunger for human wom…
6.7mille vues 1 9 Histoire terminée

The Masquerade - Short Erotic One Shot

I was forced into an engagement with some withered old fool I'd never meant and didn't want. So I thought myself quite the defiant little Miss when I teased a masked lord at the Ball. But once he'd lured me out to my aunt's Guest House, I found he…
7.3mille vues 1 14 Histoire terminée

Stolen Mermaid - Short Erotic One Shot

She was my obsession. A beautiful creature I couldn't stop thinking about. And when another mermaid told me how I could be with her, I couldn't resist. Captivated by her hypnotic appeal I had no choice but to see if the myth was true. To see if I …
3.9mille vues 28 25 Histoire terminée

My Little Succubus

We all know what she is. Impossible to catch. Every Mating Moon they all hunt for her. Her tiny leather robes leave little to the imagination and we'd all like to feel her to sate our primal need to breed. But damn her ability to spark when threat…
5.5mille vues 2 25 Nouveau chapitre Tous les 10 jours

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