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I am a young writer that wants to be an author one day but not for the fame, which is why I will be using a different name from my own plus Phoenix is my preferred name, I just want to be to make people less alone in the world and I feel like reading helps with that because their are characters they can relate to. https://None. Kleve NRW, Germany.
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It's coming

Histoire non vérifiée A girl is 18 studying in Liverpool university and she is pretty smart. She learns Morse code in her spare time because she gets bored of her work sometimes since it is easy for her. One night she regrets learning it because a bird won't stop tapping…
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After the wolf

Histoire non vérifiée This is a poetry book of little red riding hood and her trauma after the story. Tw list: Anxiety Depression Self harm PTSD Claustrophobia Suicidal thoughts
4.8mille vues 1 2 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

My version of youtube as a book

Histoire non vérifiée This is a book where I ramble about things that I feel need to be made more aware or just random thoughts that I want to talk about. My thought process is kind of weird but in a good way, nothing too weird. I hope you enjoy reading my rambles and I'…
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Histoire de blog

The demon within them

Histoire non vérifiée The parents of Rachel and Jess pass away suddenly with no explanation. They both get adopted by their neighbours and the police start an investigation with no evidence to begin with. Rachel acts suspiciously to the police and she was the last to see…
13.3mille vues 4 3 Histoire terminée

Song lyrics

Histoire non vérifiée Song lyrics I wrote, I can't write or create music and can only write lyrics so feel free to use any of these if you like them just make sure to credit me if you do and don't make them out to be your own. Some songs are mental health related and som…
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A young girl who is alone meets a beautiful woman while taking a walk to her end. The woman is tended to kill the girl but finds out what her life is like and changes her mind. TW's Sucidal thoughts Suicide attempt Eating disorder Depression Self…
#1 Dan LGBT+ 34.4mille vues 53 36 Histoire terminée

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A few poems I came up with.
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