Kanisha Suivre

United States.
REJOINT Aoû 11, 2022
Inko Captain Niveau 5

Mes histoires

Harry, Key, and the mystery of chamber of secrets

Histoire non vérifiée It’s the second year, and a big pool of mysterious are happening
831 vues 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

Harry, Key, and the discovery of the sorcerer’s stone

Histoire non vérifiée It’s the first of Harry and everything is normal except in this version he has a new cousin named Key that acts like a protective sister and isn’t a witch, but a fae. So, new creatures are introduced
1.4mille vues 31 1 Histoire terminée

Princess K!

Histoire non vérifiée Princess K goes on an adventure with a sorcerer named Charlie, on the way meets a friend named Ishama
2.0mille vues 2 Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

Garden of Wisdom

Histoire non vérifiée A wizard gather some people to make them believe in magic to help his world grow
1.9mille vues Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

Yellowseed mysteries

Histoire non vérifiée It's about Yanotzu a paranormal investigater who is also a country singer that moved back to his hometown after he lost his parents with his friend Jin. Yanotzu meets his old friend Wolfie and together they find many mysteries in the town of Yellows…
1.6mille vues Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

Lovers in a different Dimension

Histoire non vérifiée Kanisha and Mariah got sent into a separate dimension and got turned into a guys
2.2mille vues 2 Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

Harmony’s adventures

Histoire non vérifiée Harmony is big fan of Jasmine’s, loves instruments and dancing
2.1mille vues 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

Comiclover23’s comical adventures

Histoire non vérifiée Comiclover23 takes Devin on adventures, but he brings a treasure home, and something surprising happened
3.3mille vues 10 1 Histoire terminée

Dot’s vampiric adventures

Histoire non vérifiée Dot got attacked by a vampire and Kaima with Myaleka and Myleka decided to protect her
2.7mille vues 1 Histoire terminée

Kell’s tale

Histoire non vérifiée Kell’s tale is about Kell is set off an adventure with friends to help somebody by getting something
2.5mille vues Histoire terminée

Adventures of Myaleka and Myleka

Histoire non vérifiée Myaleka and Myleka are twins living with their aunt and figure out a big secret about their mon
3.2mille vues Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

Kaima’s adventures book 4

It’s lovely conclusions for the characters
8.5mille vues 6 4 Histoire terminée

Kaima’s adventures book 3

Kaima and two friends are having a time travel adventures. Will they go well
6.5mille vues 2 Histoire terminée

Kaima’s adventures book 2

Kaima is getting used to her new life along with her family and friends
6.1mille vues 5 4 Histoire terminée

Kaima’s adventures book 1

It’s about an ordinary girl named Kaima that was having fun day at the beach, then she got hit by a meteor and her life changed as she became a mutant
6.5mille vues 8 6 Histoire terminée

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