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I enjoy reading and writing all sorts of stories. If you enjoy mine, please leave a like, comment, and follow. It is very much appreciated. https://None. Amityharbor, United States.
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Princess Alisa's Frustration

Princess Alisa is sick and tired of having her parents dictate her life, so she does everything in her power to stop it.
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Interstellar Love (Love From another Planet)

Two young royals from different planets who meet on the planet Zenon, where they fall in love. Inspired by the love story of Zara and Eric, who had also fallen in love on Zenon years before, the young couple knew that their love was meant to be. Th…
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Whispers from the Whispering Woods

Histoire non vérifiée In the grand palace of the Redford dynasty, Princess Shannon Redfords lives a life of privilege yet confinement. A fiery spirit with a thirst for adventure, she stumbles upon a mysterious, aged map depicting forgotten lands that promise intrigue and…
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Verses of the Heart

At Maplewood High, Alexandra, a literature teacher, and Mitchel, the principled principal, find their lives intertwined through poetic confessions and shared dreams. As they navigate the corridors of education and secret love, an accidental revelati…
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Traveling the Seas

In a world where legends blend with reality, Captain Redbeard and his fearless crew embark on a perilous odyssey. Beyond treacherous seas and mythical creatures, their true challenge lies in deciphering cryptic riddles and confronting moral quandari…
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Love Untold

Histoire non vérifiée The poem is about someone who did not tell the person that they love, that they love them. So they are living with regret.
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Princess Life

Histoire non vérifiée Princess Elsa talks about her life as a princess and why she despises it.
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Who am I?

The story is about a person who is sitting on their bed, reflecting on their life and contemplating if they are happy with where they are. They ponder if they could have made different choices and if their life would have turned out differently. How…
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