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2563393210 Txt me if you like my poems anytime [email protected] my email send me a mail cullman, United States.
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3313: plague art. Ramblings of a nothing. Nothing knows everything. I will enjoy my time here, I'm nothing. Collection of poetry and writings 2

Histoire non vérifiée 3313: plague art series book 2 A Collection of poetry and writings written by jennifer riggs
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3313: plague art. manifestations composed of air, temporarly occupied by greatness. Collections of poetry and writings 1.

Histoire non vérifiée Is a collection of writings and poetry that I've worked on and wrote originally, each piece is unique and has its own style and existence. Hopefully my work will show that good still exist and is still possible in some ways. Is part of a 3 book seri…
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3313: Plague art, Events from my experience of existence in the void. Collection of poetry and writings 3.

Histoire non vérifiée A Collection of poetry and writings. The 3313 plague Art series book 3. Final works. By: Jennifer Riggs
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