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I write about my experience but also what I’ve learned so that I can encourage people to see things differently, and more positively, whether it is with my poetry or fiction stories. We all have ups and downs in life, but what’s important is how we learn to deal with those problems and obstacles. https://www.jb1writes.com/. United States.
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A Confused Love

Tiffany and Becky find themselves entangled in a love affair that tests their own desires and those around them in this gripping tale. As their passionate, connection grows, they soon realize that their relationship has its own consequences. When f…
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Poetry Note Book

Histoire non vérifiée Love poetry
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My Haiku Collection

Histoire non vérifiée Thinking and writing
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Histoire de blog

Words Written In Red

Histoire non vérifiée Finding yourself after an emotional & physical fall. We all have struggles in life but what's important is how we come out of them. We either become bitter or learn to love ourselves and accept that not everyone will see or accept our change.
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My Poet Heart

Histoire non vérifiée Most of us have experienced some form of pain, but we hide it not knowing that it can slowly build up and destroy us emotionally, not allow us to grow as human beings. This book was written in my darkest days, I hope that when you read it, you can r…
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