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United States.
REJOINT Jui 05, 2022
Inko Mid Senior Niveau 2

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Best friends

Histoire non vérifiée BFF Best friend Friend Acquaintance Partner Somebody that I know Someone I see no more Stranger Strange woman Freak ... Backstabber?
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Histoire non vérifiée -PLACEHOLDER-
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Deceiving the Eyes

Histoire non vérifiée The world is beautiful and amazing beyond the minds comprehension, but is what you are seeing really what is in front of you? Or is your mind hiding something for your own wellbeing?
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The wind Blows Blood

Histoire non vérifiée -Placeholder-
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The Mask

Histoire non vérifiée In an unknown abandoned city, there is a nuke bubker 100ft underground that has been hiding a secret for over 100 years. This secret is a mysterious and creepy mask that has been continuously experimented on for 15 years since 2007. However, somet…
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Life in Verdansk

Histoire non vérifiée A girl in the city of Santon (A made up city) has to move to Verdansk after the prices in her hometown become too high and the living conditions are slowly going down, turning the city into a small less liveable tourist destination for the effects o…
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