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My ex is my bestie

Histoire non vérifiée When we first met we agreed that marriage was the best fit for us but after a year but we were best friends and we still are.Even though we're divorced
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Why I stayed single

Histoire non vérifiée I've been searching for the one my whole life.But none of my marriages seemed to go past our wedding night.But I want more I want my happily ever after.Is it too much to ask not to die as a Virgin?
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Histoire non vérifiée All I ever wanted was love but no one can love me but I can't understand why. All my ex-boyfriends who said couldn't love married someone else exactly six months after we broke up.Is it me?
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Pacing my walk

Histoire non vérifiée Lara's one dream has been to move out her best friend lives alone, her boyfriend lives alone so she's the only one who has to leave early by 8 pm. But one day that all changes when suddenly she can control time and can go home at any time she choose…
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The place I belong

Histoire non vérifiée So your dead?You were probably expecting the bright kingdoms of heaven or reincarnation.But all you'll find is a train turns out we were both wrong.But where will it lead you
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Pet chef

Histoire non vérifiée Shauna has been a pet chef for years.She makes excellent cuisines for every dog.But today she must go and look for the perfect ingredients to make her most challenging canine the best meal he ever had
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Short Therapy

Histoire non vérifiée I want to die but I need a little more time.So I don't want you to love me or save me I just need you to stay with me.
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My last stop

Histoire non vérifiée What if life heaven and hell don't exist?
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