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United Kingdom.
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REJOINT Mar 27, 2023
Inko Mid Senior Niveau 2

Mes histoires


Histoire non vérifiée Set in 17th century AD in Persia. 12 year old girl named Sheeva was going to mosque for Jummah prayer for the first time, when something glowing district her and she founded herself in brand new world.
324 vues Histoire terminée

Friend of the Light

Histoire non vérifiée A 15 years old girl named Panthea, lived in magical and ancient country called Yamas. It happen 200 years after Jesus Christ. Everything changed when she meet the Saints and the angels
196 vues 4 2 Histoire terminée

Islamic story

Histoire non vérifiée Based on the story from the Quran and the Hadith
2.9mille vues Histoire terminée


Histoire non vérifiée Sing in the praise of the Lord
3.0mille vues Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours


Histoire non vérifiée Set in future Britain, teenage girl named Mary must defend her home from an evil Queen Maria and one day faced the cruel and unjust Capitol empire.
3.2mille vues 11 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les jours

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