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American author out of Mustang, Oklahoma. Specializes in short stories that involve horror and mystery along with stories about social issues in today’s society. Mustang, United States.
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Mes histoires

The Collection of Ghastly Tales to Scare Your Friends With

Hunter L. Rhode’s twisted mind is at it again with this anthology of terrifying stories to tell your friends to.
2.3mille vues 5 11 Histoire terminée

Into the shadows

Cold Stone is plagued with crime. especially with a murder killing politicians.
3.8mille vues 13 5 Histoire terminée

Like a blooming flower

a small child in the 60s was diagnosed with autism and must learn to deal and cope with it.
#2 Dan Drama 4.7mille vues 32 17 Histoire terminée

The Sunnyside Stalker

Candy was on her way home from a convention when her car breaks down and is stuck in the small town Sunnyside. Soon she learns of a mysterious murder on the loose.
2.5mille vues 15 8 Histoire terminée

Stop the Hate America!

Histoire non vérifiée A short speech i wrote for english that I believe is appropriate for issuses going on today
1.0mille vues 1 Histoire terminée

The Message

19 year old Christina was just a normal college student, until a masked killer starts texting her videos of him killing her friends and family.
1.4mille vues 20 7 Histoire terminée

The Innocent Man

a diary entry teen drama about a young minority in jail for a crime he did not commit.
2.6mille vues 17 6 Histoire terminée

Mayhem of Mustang

A true set of events that took place in a small town in Oklahoma.
2.2mille vues 12 5 Histoire terminée

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