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Hi I’m Hufflepuff Hermione (Obviously not my real name) https://None. United States.
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Sisters of the elements

Histoire non vérifiée Four sisters with the powers of the elements live in a small town. One day when their powers get out of control and the town falls to ruin. Now they are on the run from the last of the people alive that lived in the town. While on the run they have …
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Mythology and History

Histoire non vérifiée Mythology and History stories. I am very passionate about these two things and love telling people stories about these things. I hope you enjoy.
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Histoire non vérifiée Updates about my stories or just me saying something about them.
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Histoire de blog

🐢 Turtle the turtle 🐢

Histoire non vérifiée Just a vent blog for anyone that wants to share their story and what’s going on.(Sorry it’s not about turtles)
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Histoire de blog

Incomplete Stories

Histoire non vérifiée These are stories I had on my account that had only one chapter like the lost mermaid because I don’t plan on finishing or continuing them anytime soon and since it felt weird having so many one shatter stories the ones that don’t have followers are…
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Harry Potter One shots

Histoire non vérifiée One shots of Harry potter characters
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One-Shots with real people or movie characters

Histoire non vérifiée One shots of real people x real people Real people x characters from books,movies,or tv shows Character x character Character x y/n Real person x y/n Y/n x who ever you want if it’s y/n x your friend then I can write that you don’t even have to gi…
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I Know

Histoire non vérifiée The story of a girl and her struggles in life as she tries to find hope. Some chapters have not been edited yet.
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The Girls and the amulet

Histoire non vérifiée Description coming soon
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Forced Marriage

Histoire non vérifiée When a girls dreams are crushed and her father marries her off to a man that can only feel hate,annoyence,and as though anyone not in his family is bellow him.Will she find happiness again?Will she learn to live and love with the man?Will the mans t…
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A Vampire and A Werewolf

Histoire non vérifiée Amelia Mill has a weird family you see most families are either vampires or werewolf’s her family is split down the middle half of her family being werewolf’s and her half being vampires but that came at a price Amelia is neither she is a human.What…
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