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"Writing is my solace, my freedom, and the bridge to my imaginary worlds where characters echo the depths of my soul." https://None. Philippines.
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Out of Reach

"Do not fall into her trap. She's playing tricks on you. Not everything you see is true. Do not invest any feelings in her; it will only cost you. She's like helium, and you're the balloon. At first, she'll fill you up, making you feel complete. It …
#14 Dan Romance 22.2mille vues 149 38 Histoire terminée

Kharizma: The Unnamed Author

Kharizma Ramirez is a renowned author, branded as "The Unnamed Author" for her mystery-thriller books and elusive identity. In a twist of fate, she finds herself transported into the very pages of her latest draft novel, facing a daunting challenge.…
#2 Dan Thriller/Mystery 21.1mille vues 51 12 Histoire terminée

The Great Valoure

"I'm sorry, Zav. You're too weak to be by my side. I don't date weaklings," says Olesia. However, this rejection only fuels the determination of the bullied Zavian to prove his worth. He enrolls in the prestigious Supreme Valoure Academy, where st…
22.2mille vues 238 20 Histoire terminée

Quiet Hearts (Introvert Series 1)

Histoire non vérifiée Can fear attract what is feared? Callisey Lopez has three major concerns in her senior year at Sunrise Peak University. First, she’s anxious about graduating without Latin honors. No pressure, right? Second, there’s her crush, who must never find …
322 vues 1 Nouveau chapitre Toutes les semaines

Nightmares and Miseries

A short story.
4.3mille vues 2 5 Histoire terminée

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