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A world of dangers mistery and magic animals of the past flying dangers and more...
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Hitler's Doubler

Hitler's Doubler was a very unknown man kept in secrets for long times but his story finally comes to light. This story was written only for the entertainment of you who is reading it and if you happen to like it please leave a review thank you…
8.6mille vues 1 2 Nouveau chapitre Tous les dimanches

For who is the danger?

I am writing this for one of the competitions Started writing on the sixth of January
6.5mille vues 2 Nouveau chapitre Tous les samedis
Histoire interactive

The hero of the Skull fields 1

Anod is a small boy who believes in a tale about a gem stone that can give powers to it's carriers... Will Anod and his group find the famous Khraff stone.
4.8mille vues Histoire terminée

Gondar Jinzisy

Histoire non vérifiée Ez egy kitalált nyelv
3.8mille vues 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les mercredis

A journey trough snow

In Queen Annavel's time, not a trombone of war was new in the 500 years the three main kingdoms lived in peace. King Samuel, leader of the Engadoriks, polished horns, forged swords, painted helmets and strung bows. Samuel sent Maramior a dark army…
4.9mille vues 16 4 Nouveau chapitre Tous les lundis

Nieundalt news blog

Histoire non vérifiée Every new thing will be addad in times.
1.9mille vues Nouveau chapitre Tous les 10 jours
Histoire de blog

A new world

Histoire non vérifiée What if there would be a world where animals evolved differently that is what I will try to simulate today.
2.6mille vues 1 Nouveau chapitre Tous les mercredis

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