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Daria Beloyvan is expert in FASHION and STYLE.I started my way with working as a model and studying with the unsurpassed master - Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Having worked my way up to being a fashion expert, I have taken part in many fashion shows and fashion weeks. My favorite area today is personal style. During my long fation career, I was fortunate enough to participate in many leading industry events, collaborate with many leading brands. http://https://dariabeloyvan.com/. United States.
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Когда сбываются детские мечты - Дарьи Белойван

Histoire non vérifiée Все мы в детстве мечтаем кем-то стать. Врачом, строителем, учителем, кто-то мечтает шить, кто-то - рисовать. Наша гостья Дарья Белойван не могла точно сказать, кем она хочет быть, не было еще профессии стилиста, но одно маленькая Даша знала наверняк…
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The right to happiness, free choice and your own style

Histoire non vérifiée Style is the best visual form of communication, knowing how to use which, we can tell more about ourselves to others. Every person needs this tool of self-expression.
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