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I love writing in English and Spanish. Short tales have always helped me breathe again when I've lost air. Poetry is a passion of mine. Currently working on a book regarding one of my many unexpected experiences. Bogotá, Colombia.
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The song, the parking lot, life eternal.

Histoire non vérifiée As 2 years have passed since their goodbye, she reminisces on the day it all turned around.
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The M Dream

Histoire non vérifiée Through a long lost dream, they're both ready to let go of each other, but hug first one last time.
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Histoire non vérifiée Always remember to keep a piece of yourself private you can remember the essence of your singular being even when you are half of an all. If not all your firsts won't let you go when it's over with your loved one.
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Histoire non vérifiée As the years go by and the world keeps going mad, the last resource of a hopeless romantic is to create her own world, her vision of what beauty and happiness should be.
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Histoire non vérifiée Sudden realization of being somebody else's and the hurtful feeling of them not being yours.
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Histoire non vérifiée La decepción de descubrir los verdaderos y tediosos matices detrás de la alguna vez interesante mujer.
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Histoire non vérifiée Step by step of thoughts about loneliness and being left behind.
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Histoire non vérifiée This began as a summary of my own personal tale at what was at the time my new job, and how it began unfolding with the recurrence of characters in a story I had pictured differently for myself. Let's see what can it turn into as the chapters start …
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I Miss You

Histoire non vérifiée This is a short story to describe a broken heart that longs for the love it could not keep.
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Lo que extraño de ti

Histoire non vérifiée Hoy resumo lo que extraño de ti y las cosas de nuestra historia y de tus intenciones de las que me di cuenta en tu ausencia.
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La dama y el demonio

Histoire non vérifiée La historia de una relacion contada hacia atras. Lo que penso cuando el amor se habia acabado, y lo que pensaba cuando se conocieron. Un amor destinado a gastarse prontamente. A terner un final prematuro.
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Histoire non vérifiée Mensaje de despedida a quien te consideró el amor de su vida.
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Distant Star

Histoire non vérifiée Falling in love with a distant star is hurtful. And not because the star is too far away, but because you keep thinking that at some point the star will come closer. And it never does.
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Recuerdos de la lección que no aprendí

Histoire non vérifiée Te has convertido en lo que juraste destruir. Común, simple, corriente, sentimentalista.
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Me lo prometo

Histoire non vérifiée Como imaginas que se siente cuando llegas a darte cuenta de lo que entregaste de tí a alguien que jamás te devolvió nada? Que sucede cuando un hombre te enamora por primera vez y tu eres quien pierde? como se llama ese sentimiento?
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¿Que es una puta?

Histoire non vérifiée Hay tantos significados para la palabra puta. Exploremos uno que recientemente descubrí.
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Emotional Immaturity

Histoire non vérifiée When you are heartbroken how do you present yourself to the crowd? has it become a beautiful and continuous performance? Let's find out.
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Little Doll

Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of a stupid little girl, with stupid dreams, who never learns. She can't stop being a doll. Being played around with is what she always chooses.
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Aún no te olvido

Histoire non vérifiée Este es un relato de lo que piensas, de lo que racionalizas cuando una relación se acaba.
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Recordando entre las cenizas

Histoire non vérifiée Que piensas cuando porfin has amado a alguien y te destroza el alma?
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