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I'm originally a digital artist but... Since my earliest days, I have found solace and inspiration amidst the pages of ancient legends and epic tales. The grand tapestry of knights, castles, and quests has ignited a fire within my soul, driving me to craft stories that transport readers to realms both familiar and extraordinary. With every stroke of my pen, I create vibrant landscapes teeming with life and breathe life into captivating characters. https://None. Izmir, Turkey.
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LOTUS | Mission of The Mansion

Histoire non vérifiée Enshrouded in the veils of a mysterious past that spans thousands of years, Lotus Isle has been a silent witness to the rise and fall of kingdoms. Now, in the so-called Era of Purity, the isle is under the iron grip of the Council's rule. Yet, the…
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Poseidon - Fallen God

Poseidon. He was the god of earthquakes and oceans. Until that day. Mount Olympus was shaken by a cunning uprising, orchestrated to overthrow Zeus from his throne. All blame fell upon Poseidon, Zeus's brother, whose power was a match for the mighty …
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