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Hello World, I am Aqua Midnight and if you read my book the burning phoniex you will see where I got my pen name from. Ok here's, what I write: poetry, erotic. And Fantasy. Really I will try any genera. I tried horror I am not very good with it. Conway, Sc , United States.
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The Burning Phoniex:Axx's Beginning.

Histoire non vérifiée A guardian's life is cut short by a prophecy. Captured after being born. Yet another lad seizes his fate. He struggles to escape a life filled with abuse. Even more pain and torture follow a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But there's love in the d…
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The Power Of Poetry

Histoire non vérifiée My poetry is of different topics. I will post probably before the 30 days as I am editing and more writing poetry.
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