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my author name is Amelia Grace and real name is Arwa. I'm from Pakistan and my hobby is to write stories. I'm 17 years old. Hope u like my stories https://None. Bahria Town, Rawalpindi , Pakistan.
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Dark Horror Secret Versus Magically Mysterious Beauty

This story is about the girl whose mother contracts with demon and then her daughter is chosen to be the princess of vampire world.
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A Best Friend That Blooms Like A Flower

This poem is dedicated to everyone's best friend whom they haven't met since a long time.
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A Penurious Maiden Beauty And The Worshippers Of Luxur

This poem is dedicated to the wealthy people who sometimes get so immersed in their wealthy and luxurious life that they completely forget the humanity and start to treat a poor worst than an animal
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Maturity and Immaturity

Some people feel insecure just for being immature. But immaturity is not something bad. It's actually a good thing.
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Home Alone Nightmares

This story is about who has newly shifted to a house with her family. She experience many strange things there. She tells her parents about everything but no one believes her. But later on, The incident which happened with the girls lead her parents…
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Japanese Legends

This story is about the Japanese Legends of Black cat and White cat . Hope you like the story.
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