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Demonology 101: A Brief Introduction Into The Demonic

Histoire non vérifiée A very brief and easily understandable introduction to the origins of the term demon and the Demonic.
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Posessions 101: A Brief Introduction to Demonic Posessions.

Histoire non vérifiée This is a Paper that is meant to be easy to understand and a very brief and easy to understand Introduction to the series of informative papers to come on the subject of Demonology.
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The Fallen Ones

Histoire non vérifiée A secret held for many years may have returned to disrupt the idyllic lives of the Cassey family. Long ago, a vow was made, a pact entered into and now may return and tear apart a family forever.
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A Blade In The Darkness

After centuries of war a Fledgling Nation finds itself on the brink of a civil war. A long forgotten Darkness in the south has awoken from its millennia of slumber to rightfully reclaim what is theirs and purge the lands of all they deam unworthy.…
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God's Speed Hell Bound

Histoire non vérifiée A tale of two friends, now mortal enemies in combat for the affections of a mysterious woman in blue. Will this damn them or will they be saved.
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