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Not so Proud of Nigeria🇳🇬 Heyyo👋 welcome to my page😘😘 I am ✨Mofe✨ I'm Black🖤 A Nigerian to be precise. I'm: • A sucker for love and romance novels or movies😹 • In love with handsome guys😂 • One hell of a funny and crazy girl😉 • Always on a mood swing😌 • A diva in her wierd kingdom😇 • I smile😁 by default. • Get moody🙁 by default. • Behave crazy🤪 by default. Enough about myself😄 To cut the story short, i suddenly realized i'm good at writing novels after writting a lot of unpublished version. There are words in my head that wouldn't stop telling me i should be a writter too. So therefore i vent into a world of writting stories i gave myself that calling😌, i have that passion 💘and i am not ready to leave it or not build on it... In summary😂 i am a writter🤗 and a fashion designer🥰. And just so you know i'm in love with Rema🙈 he his my fiance and he his off the hook😉 I think that's all you need to know about me😉 •.*•.*•.*•*.•*.•*.•*.•*.•*.• Note: *Nigerians must not leave without saying hi🥺 i seriously don't bite😅 just wanna cook a pot of friendship. *Pls kindly check out my book “Her Golden Wish” you won't regret reading🙂 Thanks for checking out my page, without knowing who you are i love you😘😘 au revoir (Bye) 👋 Nigeria.
REJOINT Nov 17, 2021

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