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What's your wish? Riches? Fame? Power? For Kaiser, domain or Digital World. For Miyako, an encounter with his idol. What if there was an old Digimon Genie, capable of fulfilling wishes? Desires can be dangerous and, you must choose words as well when you want something, or ...

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What is your wish?

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This work will be purposefully cliché

There will be kisses, simple and sweet, but you know the original age of the characters and you don't feel like it, you shouldn't read it.

It is important to know that Geniemon is a non-existent Digimon, he was created by me as a joke and homage to the famous genie of the lamp.

I did my best to make a good translation, but this was my first attempt, so I apologize if it was ineligible.

This Fanfic was made as a gift for my friend Miriam Cadernas.

The musical theme is

Ashley Tisdale - Kiss The Girl

enjoy without moderation!

End Notes:

Hello! It's big, I know. I'm sorry.

Here, where I live is common, as people make great chapters. I never intended to translate to another language.

To be honest, that was a lot of work!

But, it's not over. I will translate the second and last chapter.

I hope someone reads♥

I thank you for your attention.

Kisses of light!♥♥

Ashley Tisdale - Kiss The Girl

Miyako circled the perimeter of his room for the tenth time.

The girl was particularly uncomfortable that day and Poromon didn't know what else to do.

"I'm in the dark. Could you tell me exactly what happened?" Digimon questioned.

“Did you know that my psychologist recommended me to keep a diary with dreams and confessions?” The lavender-haired girl accentuated dramatically. She hardly stopped circling the room.

"I'm aware of that. It's a padlocked notebook. Isn't it?" The pink sphere remembered and Miyako nodded. "Well, what's the matter?"

“The problem is that ... I wanted to keep it out of the reach of my brothers, so I kept it in the supply backpack and took it to the Digital World.” Theatrical, the girl grabbed her hair and sank to the floor, propping herself up on her knees.

“So he got lost in the digital world.” Poromon concluded and saw his partner drop to his knees dramatically on the carpet.

“UNIVERSE WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME? “The female complaint echoed through the apartment.

"There must be something we can do." Poromon tried to calm his partner down.

"Certainly. Let's go back to the last place we were and find my diary." She guaranteed herself standing with conviction.

“Koushiro-san. said that it is dangerous to open a portal on your personal computer. "He tried to bring rationality to the girl.

" I know I know." Inoue waved a hand in the air, trivializing the information. “We are not going to have any problems. I'm going to open the portal, come on, get the diary and go home. Everything in the blink of an eye! "

“Oh, girl, you have no correction! “Digimon whimpered and surrendered to the girl's whims.

"Bingo!" She raised her thumb, typed in the coordinates and picked up the digital device. "Digiportal open! Digi - partner here we go!" After the iconic slogan, the two were sucked into the computer.


His heart was relieved, because if something was not eaten, it was very unlikely to attract the attention of a Digimon. As such, your personal information was completely secure ... NO!

This couldn't be happening!

But was! Kaiser was sitting on a writhing rock. His mocking laugh echoed in the environment with each line read.

“Every evil genius needs a little rest and fun, but those are the most ridiculous things I've ever read! “The young tyrant was affected by a coughing crisis.

"HOW DO YOU DARE?" Without thinking of the consequences, the girl fired at the evil genius.

"But ... huh?" With a start, the villain jumped back and dodged the girl, who fell awkwardly. "That's right, silly girl, lean at my feet!" He scoffed.

"You bastard. Trying to dominate the digital world is bad enough, but reading a girl's diary is low, even for you!" Angrily, she stood up and advanced on Kaiser.

"What? Is it my fault if you left your things around?" He lifted the object high while she was on tiptoe, trying to reach it.

"I didn't leave it there; it got lost. Besides, it had a really strong lock. Where is it?" She screamed in stress ...

He remembered when he found that pink glitter object in the middle of the field. In fact, it was padlocked. It was immensely laborious to break that seal.

"I found it open ..." The emperor lied without shame. "Isn't that right, Wormmon?" He asked as he continued to avoid the girl's advances.

" Not really." Wormmon confessed, innocent. "You took an hour trying to open it and threw the lock in the lake!"

"Liar!" Shouted Miyako.

" stupid bug !!! "Kaiser offended the little caterpillar." That's why I punish you! "

“Return my belongings! "The girl was outraged.

"The found one is not stolen, whoever lost it was relaxed and ... You don't give me orders!" Kaiser dodged wandering around with the object lifted.

In an attempt to help, Hawkmon threw a feather at Kaiser and attached his cloak to the trunk of an old tree.

“Return her diary! “Miyako's partner was incisive.

- Don't mess with Ke ... my master! “Wormmon trapped Hawkmon with a sticky web.

The two Digimon unleashed a silly fight. While Miyako and Kaiser meet face to face.

"What are you going to do now?" The evil one provoked.

Inoue had to think fast. She couldn't fight him. She could not leave her secrets in the hands of the enemy. She reached into her backpack hoping to have something she could use, but she only had a bottle of perfume, which was sprayed on the tyrant's face.

The emperor coughed, sneezed and was very angry. The heavy drops clouded the dark lenses. While he was distracted to get ready and compose himself, Miyako invested everything to recover his diary.

The two tangled and fell into a hole that mysteriously opened in the trunk of the old tree.

Hawkmon and Wormmon stopped fighting and ran to help, but it was too late ... Only a piece of Kaiser's torn cloak remained, stuck in the feather the hawk threw.

“Hey, are they gone? “Wormmon asked.

“The tree absorbed them ... How crazy was that? “Hawkmon put the feather back and kicked the tree to find out. "I'm going to have to ask Digidestined for help."

“And I will stay here if they return. “The emperor's ally announced.


The impact of the fall on the floor was completely absorbed by Kaiser's ass and, to make matters worse, Inoue fell with the helmet against the boy's mouth.

“Get off me, unbearable girl! "He kicked hard.

"THERE ... thick!" Inoue shouted indignantly. "There, my dear diary. I promise never to lose you again." She pressed the object to her chest.

"Mimimimi ... I didn't want that crap either." Kaiser disdained, not accepting that he lost.

“Why, you didn't want to, but you were wasting your precious time flipping through the pages. “Miyako accused without delay.

"Because I laughed a lot at your expense, wind-headed girl, useless!" He spoke, massaging his mouth.

“Better windhead than psychopath! Look, you broke my helmet. “Complained showing the broken helmet.

"And you almost broke a tooth for me." He took her helmet and threw it away. "Horrible crap in bad taste!"

She was going to start fighting when she realized they were in a cold, dark place, totally horrible.

"What is this place? How did we get here?" Miyako questioned, lost.

"You must have made a dimensional break with that high-pitched voice!" "He tried to contact the slaves at his base, but nothing worked." We're out of communication. Shit, this is exactly what I needed! "

"See, this is a punishment for stealing other people's things." The girl sang mockingly.

"And why were you punished with me?" Superb, Kaiser launched the rhetoric.

"Ah?" She stopped, thoughtful. "Maybe because I was really careless". He whined dramatically ..

"Look at you! You're still mommy's little girl." He laughed as he looked for ways to get out, wherever that place was.

“Don't say nonsense, as we must be the same age. And ... Looking closely. “He approached measuring the height. "I am taller than you."

"But your intellect is much lower. That is without a doubt."

And a heated argument started when the two wandered through the inhospitable place. When the entire repertoire of offenses was spent, the two were silent at the same time. Which was perfect, because nobody wanted to be the loser of the fight.

His legs could no longer walk and hunger was already present. Both remained steadfast, they could not show weakness in the face of the enemy. Suddenly, a strange growl was heard.

"What was this?" Inoue questioned in alarm.

"How am I supposed to know? It must be some Digimon." Kaiser knew the growl had left his stomach, but he would never admit it.

And Miyako grabbed the edge of the enemy's mantle that faced her. She couldn't see due to his glasses, but she felt petrifying disapproval.

"It's just ... I was scared." Miyako justified himself by leaving.


Three hundred hours seemed to have passed and they were both destroyed and hungry. Inoue stopped and sat on an old log. Kaiser found his loophole to rest without showing weakness and installed himself on the opposite trunk.

"It's all your fault." Kaiser accused Inoue.

"My fault? You violated my diary."

“You lost in my territory. It was almost an invitation to read. "He defended himself." In the end, I just read childish nonsense! '"

She thought about answering. Arguing with the enemy would be a good way to distract yourself from being away from home and without the company and protection of Hawkmon, but she was really terrified and opened her mouth in a childish cry that he did not expect and did not expect. knows how to cope. .

"OK? Kidding? Look at your size!" He provoked, but got no response.

The girl just cried.

"I'm cold, tired, hungry, afraid and accompanied by a delinquent!" Finally she vented.

"Hi?" He was surprised, taking offense. "Am I the bad company here? It's not me with my mouth open like a baby. Maybe you better be alone."

"N-n-no ... In a place like this?" she sobbed, stopping crying. "You would not do that!"

"You would be relieved, since my presence is hateful." The boy scoffed.

"No. I'm sorry ..." She murmured grudgingly and he sat down again.

He could go and leave her, but as unbearable as Inoue seemed to him, being alone there seemed worse.

Desperately, Miyako rummaged through his backpack and smiled when he found a chocolate bar. She removed the packaging and broke it in half, offering it to the enemy.

Kaiser blinked, doubtful and proud. He made a great effort to refuse, but at that moment survival was already speaking louder and he reached out, accepting anyway.

They ate in silence. And at that moment a glow started to emanate from a foreign object on the floor. Both had the same thought. "Digimental" They got up running.

"It belongs to whoever gets it first!" The boy scoffed.

“Keep your paw away from him. You are not worthy! "Exclaimed the girl.

They reached the object at the same time and started pulling against each other.

"Drop it, ambitious tyrant!"

“I wasn't like that when you needed my presence. Parasite! "

And this one pulls there and pulls here, exchanging offenses and accusations, the insured object exploded in a strong blue light. They moved away shading their eyes.

“Who dares to disturb my sleep? “A deep, frightening voice asked.

They opened their eyes, hesitant. It was only then that they realized that they ended up hugging each other in fright. They broke free and Kaiser fanned his clothes with disdain.

They aimed at the creature.

It was a gigantic being, endowed with a humanoid breastplate, whose lower body merged into bluish smoke, which was its coloring.

"We don't want to wake you up." Inoue murmured worriedly.

“I was just making fun of you. I wasn't even sleeping, in fact, I was really bored. So, you know how it works, three wishes. "He straightened up in the air, with his arms crossed behind the back of his neck." 1 I cannot bring anyone from the dead, 2 nor make anyone fall in love, 3 I cannot undo a wish and 4 there is no point in wishing for more wishes. "

"Hi? Who or what are you? And what are you talking about?" Kaiser asked confused.

"I am Geniemon, a Digimon with the ability to grant wishes and the two rubbed my lamp together, so there are three wishes."

The narrator's voice appeared providing all the information, such as level, family and attack strength. Nothing useful for our plot.

“Three wishes ... But there are two of us. “Observed Inoue.

"The problem is not mine." Replied Digimon genius.

“This madman will want to take over the world. "The girl accused, but Kaiser seemed petrified to process the surreal occurrences." I think it was a lot of emotion for him. In that case, I will make my wish. Let me see ... World peace, cure for all diseases in the world ... Eradication of poverty ... ”

"Wow! What a benevolent person!" Geniemon thought with admiration!

"I already chose! I want a perfect romantic date with the prodigious genius Ichijouji Ken!"

Inoue emphasized with joy and the Digimon fell to the ground, with a "droplets" on the head and, removing the previous thought.

"EXCUSE?" Kaiser cried out when he saw that the girl had wasted a precious desire. "HOW IS IT? WHAT IS IT? ROMANTIC DATE!" He was even more shocked when he understood her request. "NO CHANCES! I CHOOSE TO DRINK ACID!"

But it was too late for protests and both were enveloped in a strong blue light. The clothes have been modified to match the date; Miyako won a beautiful Lolita dress, a hairstyle with curls and rich adornments. She felt clean and fragrant as if she had just come out of a bath. Kaiser was no different ...

Wait! No, I didn't mean that he won a dress!

Kaiser had his usual costume transformed into a beautiful suit, but his hair and glasses remained the same. It was also clean and very fragrant.

The two were seated at a round table with a beautiful flower arrangement and a luxurious chandelier in the center. The place was sumptuous, it looked like a ballroom in a medieval castle, decorated with beautiful stained glass, marble and stone statues, paintings and noble tapestries.

Miyako blinked, delighted with everything ... Almost everything. Where was your beloved Ichijouji Ken? And why was Kaiser still there? She snarled.

“Why are you involved in my desire? "She pointed to the villain, who swallowed saliva fearing for his secret identity .." HEY GENIEMON ... "she called furiously.

This Digimon genius was incompetent, how was Kaiser in his prince's shoes? She was going to tell you some good truths.

“I am also not happy to be here! “Kaiser snapped, embarrassed by the girl's current appearance. It never occurred to her that she could be so beautiful without the usual digital warrior configuration.

“Shut up, usurper!

The girl ordered, accusingly.

They were both about to start an argument when ...

A delicious aroma invaded the room and the stomachs roared loudly. A proud Digitamamon came in wearing a kuca master's hat and an apron.

“With the greetings from the house. “He politely greeted and allowed the Gotsumons to bring the meal. Kaiser and Inoue's eyes widened. The food was very flashy.

They forgot the fight. They sat well and were mesmerized while dinner was served.

"Thanks for the food!" They said in unison and attacked at the same time, hungry.

They repeated it once, twice, three times ... Kaiser was shocked by how much the girl ate. And when the whole meal was over, including snacks and desserts, and the table was already empty and clean, the two bowed, satisfied and exhausted.

"I never ate so much in my life," she confessed.

"How can you eat so much, being so thin?" The boy pondered.

"I'm hyperactive. I spend a lot of energy. You also eat a lot related to someone normal." Miyako scored.

"I am an athlete, I make a lot of physical effort in football and judo".

"Really? Like Ichijouji Ken?"


And suddenly the scene changed and they were already in a big theater where they were the only spectators. A play was about to begin and was called The Ghosts of the Opera. Kaiser and Miyako looked at each other with questioning expressions.

The play started. While relaxing with a post-meal break, they shrugged and decided to see where they were going.

The story was about an opera that was built by Jekomons on haunted soil and home to the Bakemons. Because of this, the Bakemons came to haunt the opera and scare the artists.

There was no denying that the play was being very funny and Miyako laughed and even cried with laughter. Kaiser contained his laughter well, but at one point he couldn't help but laugh, drawing the girl's attention.

"Look, monsters appreciate art too! I never imagined you laughing." Inoue teased.

"Just as obtuse people can understand and appreciate. Besides, I am not a robot." The boy responded to the provocation at the height.

"But that doesn't go with an evil genius. In fact, I imagined you laughing terrifyingly at a secret base on top of a hill, with thunder echoing and lightning slicing through the skies." The girl laughed scornfully.

"Do you read a lot of comics? I'm not a comic book character." He protested in outrage.

"But what about those bizarre and really bad clothes?" Inoue remembered.

"I don't like your costume, either." Kaiser clarified arrogantly.

They did not discuss the matter and just continued to laugh. They both relaxed and just enjoyed the moment, forgetting why they were there.

Geniemon was amused by the situation of the 'couple' and, taking advantage of the fact that they were distracted, he moved his arms away from the seat in the partition that separated them, making the shoulders, the arms and, consequently, the hands meet.

“He put his hand on mine. What do I do? "The girl thought. She blushed suddenly, not knowing what to do.

“Did she touch your hand in mine? She discovered? The emperor was horrified by the thought, but did nothing to get out of this situation.

And for both, it was difficult to continue paying attention to the theater. The burning in the cheeks and the tingling in the hands were making them uncomfortable. However, the actors made such a funny scene that the two couldn't stop laughing and laughed until the end of the play.

They were unable to control themselves, collided with laughter and ended up with their forehead almost glued and the laughter gradually died. An awkward silence was installed in the room.

"That was not the idea that I had about a perfect date." She played with fun. "This Digimon genius is a nutcase!"

"I don't think so. However, I haven't placed my order yet." The young villain corrected his posture, adjusting himself in the chair.

“And you won't even do that until her wish is fully fulfilled. “Geniemon appeared eating popcorn in silence sitting on the chair behind them.

"What's missing ..." Kaiser gasped when he remembered that in the diary there was step by step the perfect date; delicious food, good cinema or theater and a fireworks show with a… ”Don't even think about it !! “He was frowning.

Miyako put his hand on his chest and his face went completely red. If this meeting was following your agenda, then ...

Before they could protest, a new flash invaded the venue and they were transported to a festival. Now Miyako wore a wonderful lilac kimono to match her hair, which was tied in a bun and decorated with a beautiful traditional adornment.

Kaiser also wore a navy blue Yokatta with a gray stripe and again his hair and glasses were there, leaving Miyako frustrated. He stared at her for a long time, thinking about how she looked even more beautiful.

They realized that they were in the middle of the street and many digimon characterized with typical Japanese costumes were transiting through the numerous stalls for games and food.

“We'd better get out of the way. She pulled him by the hand, as if they were close. Kaiser always repudiated physical contacts and thought about complaining, but the speech did not come out. It was as if his system was collapsing.

“Hey, are we going to throw the ball in the clown's mouth? “A Gazimon with a fox mask and a samurai outfit invited them.

“Thanks, but we have no money. “Miyako responded politely.

“Everything will be free. Isn't it personal? “He shouted at the owners of the other tents and they all nodded.

"So ..." she pointed her index finger at the villain. "I challenge you!"

He opened his eyes, incredulous. It was absurd for a creature of lesser intellect like Inoue to suppose that she could beat him in a challenge! It was an outrage, a disrespect. He was going to show her. He readily accepted the challenge.

Impetually, he won every game, one after the other, and his pride was inflated. Kaiser snapped cruelly and laughed celebrating his undeniable superiority, but wasn't Miyako angry? In fact, did she seem to be enjoying herself, even defeated? This was inconsistent in the villain's analytical mind, after all, defeat is humiliating, isn't it?

Kaiser thought that girl was undoubtedly a great enigma. Even after losing all the games and suffering mockery for her defeat, she was happy to eat a simple love apple.

“I hope the two of you haven't eaten anything that makes your breath bad, or it will be a bad experience !. “Geniemon materialized, eating cotton candy.

“I don't want to do this to him. “Miyako cried.

"I will never do that to this girl, erc ..." defended Kaiser.

"But it was the desire and, to get out of it, the two will have to have a perfect date and that means ..." he pouted and imitated the sounds of kisses.

“What if we don't? “Kaiser asked angrily.

“They will repeat the date in an eternal cycle. “Informed the Digimon genius laughing and disappearing in the smoke.

They had an impasse ... They knew what they were supposed to do at the time of the fireworks show, but …

Do such a thing and with that person? It was unacceptable!

Finally the time came and the two were upset. Fireworks started to explode and color the skies and she accidentally commented:

" Beautiful!"

"Yes, but they are pollutants, you know?" Kaiser punctured the bubble. She just shrugged. "Do you think he was serious about the eternal bond?" The boy asked.

"Why were you scared?" The girl scoffed.

"No, but reliving the same day forever, it feels like torture." He explained thoughtfully.

"Are you suggesting that we should ..." She curled a lock of hair.

"It's not like we have a choice." He snapped his fingers nervously.

"I didn't want my first kiss to be with someone who hates me." Inoue whimpered.

"I don't even hate you that much," Kaiser confided. "I think that in your group you seem less unpleasant."

"You are not being honest. You just want to be able to make your wish quickly."

" It's complicated." he sighed.

“You are complicated, boy. See everything you've been doing. "She was about to start with a tense subject.

“We are not going to start talking about it. Plus, you say you love a boy you don't even know. What if he was a bad person? "Kaiser pressed the point.

“Wash your mouth to talk about Ichijouji Ken. He's a good and smart person. "The girl stood up furiously in defense of her beloved idol.

“Pff… I know. “He teased for obvious reasons.

“Are you really jealous? Just because that idiot Geniemon put you in his place doesn't mean that someone like you has a chance with me. "Inoue was categorical.

“Affs, see yourself. I'm trying to be nice because kissing you is the only way to get my wish and get out of here, but you delude yourself. "Kaiser roared indignantly.

“I will never let you ruin my first kiss. You are so hateful that you are capable of killing me poisoned. You will never kiss me! " She showed his tongue and went down the steps of the temple.

He took her by the wrist and stopped her from walking.

."Do you want to bet?" The boy shouted proud and convinced. He took off his glasses, tossed them aside and combed his hair with his fingers. "Here is the fulfillment of your wish. Now do you kiss me?"

Kaiser was sure that Miyako would throw himself into his arms, but ... A minute of silence was done and all that echoed through the space was a violent slap from Inoue, which hit the boy in the face, leaving him stunned.

“NO ... THIS CANNOT BE TRUE! "The girl gasped with tears when she saw her dreams shatter like a fragile stained glass and ran in pieces." I do not accept! This is a nightmare! "

He tried to stop her, explain, not negotiate, but it was too late. The last fireworks exploded in the skies and they returned to the beginning of the date.

They observed, the round table, the elegant clothes and the refined atmosphere of a medieval castle ... They returned to the starting point of the perfect date.

"Not again!" The boy complained.

“I was a fool to want this! I hate you!. “Miyako declared through tears.

Digitamamon came in greeting and the Guatsumons brought the food.

"I think we have to eat, to move to the next level."


“Moving to the next level? Is everything a game for you? Well, stay here and play alone. “She ran to one of the doors and tried to open it, but was teleported back to the table.

"I think this game is for two." He scoffed.

"I hate you." Miyako pointed out.

“Even though I know who I am? That is not what I read in your diary. "The boy provoked, having a lot of fun with the enemy girl's anger and embarrassment.

“Now I hate you more than that. Ichijouji Ken, who enslaves Digimon and reads other people's diaries. You disgust me. “Inoue spat out in outrage.

“I thought you wanted to be a mother to my children? “He mocked, recalling excerpts from the diary.

“You brazen! “She took the pie that was on the table. “See what I want to do with you. “Miyako threw everything in the enemy's face.

"Damn it!" He returned the challenge by throwing a bowl of puree.

The mess was formed and Geniemon did not remember having so much fun. This was the first time the day was repeated, but for the tenth time, he was wanting that kiss to happen.


There they were again at the top of the temple stairs, a kiss away from ending that repetitive madness.

“Go on, Inoue-san. It's just a fucking kiss. “He never thought he was going to beg for something, but he was already going crazy with this infinite loop.

“The damn kiss? Wrong approach. “She replied offended and went down the stairs.

“No, no, stop. “He surrounded her, stopping in front of her. "I know I am not as you imagined, but please, we need to do this to get out of here."

"I know, but ... it's something important to me and I didn't want you to trivialize it." explained hurt.

“I didn't trivialize. You trivialized. Kaiser clarified.

" What do you mean?" She was startled, confused.

"That you created this imaginary" Ichijouji Ken "and gave your feelings to him. You can hate me for dominating Digimon, but don't blame me for not being like you idealized me. I have no obligation to just be a Disney prince. because of my appearance! "He argued wisely.

"This is ..." As she reflected on what the boy had expelled, once again the term ended and they went back to the beginning.

It was the twentieth time that this date was repeated. They were already exhausted from fighting with each other.

This time, she was quiet, but ate the entire meal brought by Digitamamon and the Gotsumons. During the play, who already knew the lines by heart, Miyako was still quiet until she put her hand over the enemy's. Kaiser looked at her abruptly, looked puzzled, scared.

"It's okay. I'm going to let you kiss me." Inoue murmured in an almost inaudible tone. His gaze was fixed on his feet and a hand was curling a lock of hair.

"Oh really?" He practically shouted, but soon he lowered his tone. "Now?" And without realizing it, he took her hand and squeezed it.

“Yes ... The sooner we do it, the faster we will get out of that cycle. Neh? "

"Okay. So we better move on to the bottom line." Kaiser suggested and looked again. Miyako gave him a disapproving look. "I'm just saying that I can't do this with them looking at me.

"You're right." She whispered sheepishly.

They got up without letting go of their hands and went to the back rows. Too bad the lighting was bad, the situation itself was immensely embarrassing. They sat side by side and looked at the piece a little more. None were really paying attention.

"Ok ..." Kaiser called "Can we?"

"When you're ready ..." She just closed her eyes, squeezing them nervously and, waiting, while her hands kneaded the hem of her dress.

"You didn't change your mind, did you?" Kaiser hesitantly questioned, his ever decisive and mocking tone was now imperfect and agitated.

"No ... I just wanted you to take your glasses off." Miyako was sincere, since she was supposed to do this to him, so it would be less scary.

He obeyed, took off his glasses and deposited them on an empty chair.

"Right ..." The boy sighed, combing his hair with his fingers and putting the bangs behind his ear. He leaned to the side, but the arm of the chair stopped him.

"What is the problem?" Miyako opened his eyes.

"It's just ... technical problems." The emperor smiled nervously,

he felt very silly for fumbling. "I can?" Kaiser asked, making a move to embrace her.

She thought it was strange, he thought, but allowed it with a nod.

The faces were burning so hard they looked like they were on fire. That was the height of absurdity, were they really embraced? Or Kaiser was embracing the enemy, because she was about to pass out.

"That's right?" Questioned the emperor.

"Ok ..." agreed Digidestined.

He approached Miyako's flushed face. It was also a nervous disaster, but seeing him so red, shaky and trapped, had a certain grace. He ended up losing himself with all that cuteness ... She blinked a few times, opening her eyes, irritated by the delay.

"Did you give up?" She asked in a whisper. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"That's not it ..." Kaiser spoke in a tone as low as the girl's. "It's just ... Can I take your glasses off too?"

“Do you think they are ugly? Discourages you? "Miyako was concerned.

“It is not ugly. I don't see any aesthetic problems ... It's just for the sake of comfort or something. "The boy explained.

In fact, he just wanted an excuse to touch the girl's face, but he didn't admit it, not even to himself.

"OK, I accept." Warned Miyako, extending his hands towards his glasses.

"No." The boy held the female hands. “I want to get it out. Do you allow? I will not damage. "

Inoue was surprised. After all, what difference did it make who would remove the glasses? But she didn't object, nodded and closed her eyes again.

She felt the slow, time-consuming way he took off his glasses.

While the emperor took the opportunity to feel the texture of the female skin; with the touch of your fingertips. Fortunately for him, a few strands of hair were messed up. Before Miyako thought about fixing it, Kaiser put them back in place.

She must have gone mad from the many times she had relived that crazy encounter, because she could have sworn it was a gentle caress.

But ... Miyako was Miyako and therefore he was upset and was already getting stressed from this delay.

"You want to hurry up, Ichijouji-kun." ordered severely. "It's starting to piss me off!"

“Calm down, it's not just coming and scoring a goal! I am concentrating. "The boy justified.

Miyako could not contain the urge to laugh. The laughter that started out low became vigorous and outrageous, much of it was due to his anxiety.

And Kaiser just looked at her indignantly.

“You are not making it easy. “The boy complained, diminished by the situation. It just makes Miyako laugh more. "You know ... there's no way. I'm not going to kiss you! Forget it."

Kaiser turned his face in the opposite direction, wearing a tantrum frown.

Obtuse girl! How dare she laugh at his expense! She was hateful, unbearable, scandalous and ...

Unexpectedly, Miyako captivated the male face in his hands and turning it to her, sealed his lips at last.

Was she really kissing him? And the whole sea of internal offenses had magically evaporated ... It took a while to process the scene, but it was done then ... He closed his eyes and just took advantage of the new experience, which already after accomplish. it didn't look so scary anymore.

He was incredulous with himself. Not long ago, if he stopped to think about something like that, he would certainly repudiate the idea with all his might. Especially with an enemy girl who delayed his plans so much.

The feeling was warm and welcoming. It was as if Miyako breathed in and through him ... A texture of his lips was smooth, soft and the taste was sweet. It was undeniable how pathetically he was entranced by the hated "physical contact".

It was also not bad for Miyako, it was not the end of the world and not all the disappointment that she thought she would live. She was impressed by the receptivity and how sweet he was to hug her and gently lick and sip his lips. The sweet taste of dessert mixes slowly with the taste of incredulity for having that contact with that person.

She definitely reserved her kiss for a prince, but if fate wanted it to be with a villain, she wouldn't regret it. Her daring and youthful curiosity did not compel her to appreciate all the details.

"Wow!" The boy exclaimed automatically when his lips parted and their faces took.

distance "How did you learn that?"

“Foreign soap operas. I think. " Miyako replied in an embarrassed whisper." It's done." She smiled as the world seemed to revolve around her.

"Yeah ... it's done ..."

Kaiser put his hand over his lips and the feeling was that they could have taken a little longer in the kiss. “But we are still here. I don't understand. "He was surprised.

"Did we both do it the wrong way?" Miyako asked a rhetorical question.

“Let's take a look at the diary.” He suggested. "Or you look." An attempt was made to correct it when he remembered the object's secret.

"What difference does it make? You already read everything. Just ... the diary stayed in the backpack and the backpack didn't come as part of the wish." She demonstrated her dress.

"But do you remember exactly what you wrote about the perfect date?" the emperor asked.

"I remember ... Ah! ..." She put her hand on her chin, thinking. "I think the kiss needs to be done at the fireworks show."

The digested girl snapped her fingers. "BINGO!"

"So, we need to repeat that at the fireworks show. Okay?" Kaiser designated by fixing his gaze at a random point on the stage. He was so scared of his animation that he feared the girl would read it.

"Ok" Inoue was aiming at the feet that slipped nervously putting on and taking off her shoes.

It was all about ending this time loop, wasn't it? The burning in the cheeks and the butterflies swirling in their stomachs, certainly didn't mean that much.

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