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Now that Cara is eighteen, she is ready to seduce the pastor she has always had a crush on. But things get really steamy when Alyssa walks in on them....

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans. © 2015 Brenda McIntyre

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by Brenda McIntyre

For Jeff

Cara brushed her long, dark hair carefully. She wanted it to be absolutely perfect: Today was the day!

   Cara had celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. Now she was legal. Now she was sure Doug would declare his love for her, would express it physically, intimately!

   Cara had had a crush on Doug for as long as she could remember. As a child, of course, it had been completely innocent, but as she grew older, she thought of him more and more affectionately. He had told her he loved her, of course, and she was certain she had caught him more than once looking at her lustfully. Now she was 18 -- legal! And today was the day!

   Today she would leave for the church youth conference along with the rest of her youth group. Pastor Doug would be there to serve as a driver as well as one of the youth advisors.

   Cara checked her reflection carefully in the full-length mirror. She had chosen denim short-shorts and a tight white v-neck that accented her cleavage. She wore no bra, letting her pert nipples make little tents beneath the shirt. She wore her hair loose. A pair of white athletic shoes completed the look.

   She drove herself to the church. She knew Doug would be there early. She walked into the front doors carrying her one small suitcase she was allowed for the trip. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she fought to appear casual. Doug saw her from the office window, and came out to greet her.

   "Cara!" he exclaimed. "You're early."

   "Yeah," she replied, hoping to sound nonchalant. She put her suitcase down and stretched, making a point of accentuating her breasts, which were full and ripe. She truly felt like a woman!

   "Cara," Doug said hesitantly, "you know you're not exactly dressed appropriately."

   "You don't like it?" she asked with mock innocence, running her hands over her breasts and down her sides to her waist.

   "I didn't say that," Doug said quickly. "It's just that....Would Jesus want you to dress so...provocatively?"

   Cara's face fell. So this was how it was. Doug loved her only as a youth advisor. Her lip trembled.

   Doug saw her distress. "Cara," he asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.    "What's wrong?"

   "Nothing," she choked. "It's just that...."

   Doug said nothing, but caressed her shoulder. Finally Cara broke down. She pushed Doug's hand away and ran into the sanctuary, crying.

   Doug followed her through the double doors. She sat on the front pew on the right, sobbing into her palms. Doug walked slowly to her. He sat beside her. For a long time they sat, his arm around her shoulders as she cried.

   "I..." Cara spoke choking on her tears, "I dressed like this because...because...." A fresh wave of tears washed over her. She fought them back and went on. "I...I love you, Doug. I want you! And I thought...I thought that I'm'd want me, too!"

   "Oh, Cara!" he said, stroking her hair. He let her cry a bit more. When it seemed she might not stop, he kissed the top of her head, very tenderly.

   "I'm such an idiot!" Cara blurted out.

   "No," Doug assured her. "No, you're not."

   "Yes, I am!" she asserted. "I'm a failure and...and a SINNER!" Sobs wracked her body.

   Doug rubbed her shoulder some more, trying to find the right words to comfort her. "Cara, we're all sinners," he said.

   "But," Cara sobbed, "but I tried to seduce a pastor!"

   She sat up, looking at him with tear-filled eyes. She was perspiring slightly, and her t-shirt clung to her breasts translucently. Doug found himself trying not to stare.

   "Cara," Doug began, searching for words, "you're beautiful."

   "You're just saying that," she blubbered.

   "No," he said, "I've admired you since you were fifteen."

   Cara looked at him quizzically. "Really?"

   Doug's breath caught in his throat. Had he revealed too much? He wanted to be honest as well as reassuring. "Yes," he replied. He looked into her eyes a moment, then leaned forward and kissed her on the lips.

   It was a quick kiss, an innocent kiss. But Cara's heart leapt in her breast -- he had kissed her! She leaned closer, her lips parted slightly, hoping for another. Doug hesitated, sensing what she wanted. At last he gave in and kissed her. Their mouths worked slowly. Caught up in the moment, Cara took his face in her hands and kissed him more deeply. He returned the kiss eagerly. Their tongues danced.

   After a long minute, they parted. Doug looked at her, wanting her, knowing it w as wrong. Cara sat upright, smiling. Her bosom heaved, and her nipples were prominent beneath the sweaty, clinging shirt.

   "Cara," Doug said awkwardly. He touched her shoulder. His hand moved down, brushing the side of her breast.

   She clutched his hand in hers, pressing it against her tit. "I'm eighteen now," she assured him.

   Suddenly Doug was kissing her again, passionately, wantonly! She returned his kisses, caressing his back as the two of them slid from the pew to the carpet. He kissed her neck, tugging at her damp top. She wriggled under him, helping him get it off. Her full breasts bounced free. He kissed and sucked them, nibbling her nipples. She tugged at his shirt, wrenching it off of him. She hadn't realized how buff he was. She ran her fingers over his washboard abs.

   Doug sat back on his haunches, fumbling with his zipper. "We shouldn't be doing this," he breathed.

   "I know," she gasped, tugging her shorts down. Doug gave up with his own pants and tugged Cara's shorts down to her ankles. He pulled off her shoes and shorts. Her panties were soaked through the front, and that sight aroused Doug all the more. He kissed her navel and she cooed and squirmed.

   He pulled down her panties with his hands, kissing and licking her hip and leg as he pulled them off. She rubbed her sex with her fingertips, already yearning for release. Doug bent down and kissed her nether lips.

   "Ooooooooo!" Cara cried, wriggling her hips back and forth. Doug lapped at her young clit and she knew she would cum soon. He slurped her hole, then licked her clit some more. Cara moaned loudly, arching her back as she came.

   When he had finished lapping up her juices, Doug sat back on his haunches again and pulled his pants off. His erection made his briefs bulge, and Cara's eyes widened. He pulled his briefs off and his turgid cock sprang free. Doug ran his cock along the inside of her thigh and rubbed the head over her wet pussy.

   "Oh, yes," Cara hissed. "Yess! Take me, Doug! Take me now!"

Slowly, Doug pushed the head of his huge cock into her. She moaned as she felt him stretch her.

   He fucked her slowly, kissing her mouth and face. She massaged his ass with her fingers, loving every thrust.

She came twice more as he loved her, but he was not satisfied. At last he pulled out of her.

   Doug had fantasized about her before, and now his fantasy was coming true. "Baby," he gasped. "Get on your hands and knees."

   Cara smiled. Doug was more lustful than she had thought! She rolled over onto her hands and knees, looking back at him over her shoulder. "Take me, pastor," she whispered.

   He knelt behind her, smacking his hard cock on her ass as he did. He slipped it between her legs and rubbed the shaft over her pussy before slipping back inside her. She moaned as he entered her, pushing her hips back against him. He fucked her fast and hard. He grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling as he pounded her! Her tight pussy made little sucking sounds which mingled with the sound of their moans.

   Neither of them saw Alyssa. She had come early, too, though not as early as Cara, and when she found no one in the front of the church, she had quietly walked into the sanctuary. She watched the two of them for long minutes. At last she put down her suitcase and slowly undressed.

   Alyssa was only 16, but her cravings were as strong as any teenager's. Silently, she slipped beneath Cara and began licking the two of them where they were joined. The moaning intensified, and Doug slammed into Cara harder!

   Cara managed to choke out words as her orgasm shook her. "Don't cum, baby! I wanna taste it!"

   But so did Alyssa. She pulled Doug's throbbing tool out of Cara and wrapped her lips around the head. Doug groaned loudly, thrusting into her warm mouth.

   Enviously Cara moved, taking Doug's cock from Alyssa. The two of them fought over it, kissing it, sucking the head, even managing to kiss each other with his aching cock between their mouths.

   At last Doug could stand it no longer. He pulled away from them. "Get on your knees," he gasped. "Like you're praying. Both of you!"

   The girls knelt side by side, but with faces uplifted and mouths open. Doug groaned as he stroked his thick cock, which erupted almost immediately, spewing his white hot seed all over the girls' faces. Cara's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the hot sensation on her face and the salty taste on her tongue. This was a baptism for her and Alyssa, and Cara knew that this was going to be the best youth conference ever.

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