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Karen is a writer. But on this particular summer afternoon, she has some distractions....

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Summer Afternoon

Karen pushed her laptop away from her. She was supposed to be writing the next chapter of her novel for her publisher, but her mind couldn't seem to focus on her work.

   It's this office, she thought. I shouldn't have made this the office.

   The office had been the one thing that had made her choose this house as her home. Yes, it had been in her price range, and yes, it was the sort of quiet neighborhood she had thought would be conducive to her work. But the small room on the second floor had cinched it.

   The second floor was a converted attic, and the little room in the corner was all angles. It had two small windows that looked out on the lake beyond the yard. She could put a desk there under them, she thought, and write all day, looking out at the lake.

   Except that that was the problem: On a summer afternoon like this, there was no way she could concentrate on writing.

   She sat back in the desk chair, giving in to the urge to stare out of the twin windows. She reached for the glass of cranberry juice she had poured for herself and took a sip. It was a hot day. The windows were open, but the breeze did little to cool the small room. She had unbuttoned her top, exposing her breasts almost to the nipple. She hadn't bothered with jeans, she just had cotton panties on, little white ones with pink trim.

   Karen sat back and brushed the hair out of her eyes. She put her bare feet on the desk, idly letting her toes toy with the wireless mouse as she sipped her cranberry juice. She closed her eyes as her free hand lazily wiped the perspiration from her neck, sliding absently along the curve of her breast. The touch of her fingertips felt good, and without realizing it, she allowed her fingers to slip under the edge of her top and caress her nipple.

   Her mind wandered to thoughts of lovers she had had, and wished she had had, and had never had. Her fingertips moved slowly over her nipple, back and forth, making it stiffen. Eyes still closed, she put her drink down on the desk. She allowed herself a moment to caress her nipple. Just a moment, she thought.

   Her other hand absently unbuttoned another button. Soon she was pinching her nipple lightly, giving it a little twist over and over again.

   The moment lingered. Her arousal grew slowly, like an approaching dawn. Almost without realizing, she began to rub herself through her panties.

   Caressing both breasts, moving her hips as she pleasured herself. Giving herself over to unmitigated pleasure. Her fingers slipped beneath the edge of her panties, gently caressing her wet sex.

   Her breath came in ragged gasps. Her hips moved more insistently. Urgently she pulled her panties down, wriggling out of them, kicking her legs until they lay on the desk at her feet. She rubbed her fingertips over her clit quickly, Moaning, then squealing as orgasm overtook her! The sensation made her sit upright and her body shook all over.

   At length the spasms subsided. Karen lay back in her chair, feet still on the desk, trembling and sweaty. She let out a big breath, her hands still moving, but with much less urgency.

   She looked out of the window again.

   No, she realized, her writing was not going to get done. But it was a lovely summer afternoon.

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Brenda McIntyre BrendaMcIntyre is a native of Wisconsin. Her real sex life is not nearly as exciting as her stories might suggest. She lives with her boyfriend and their cat.

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