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Violet a girl that never though that her life was a lie until her "Father" gave it away. What she never expect was that she was going to find her only and true love on the way.

Fiction adolescente Tout public.

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Violet POV

Violet...that's my name, just like my dead sister. It's hard being named after her, one because I don't even know her, two my parents named me after her because I look like her, everything it's about her in this house. Every time my mother looked at me she starts crying because I remember her about her dead daughter.

Violet my sister, she killed herself she was bullied at school all the time and my parents did nothing about it, now every person that bullied her thinks I'm her other soul or something like that. I think they're idiots and I'm happy that they are afraid of me because I don't have to make them talk to me.

Did I tell you I'm not a normal kid...? Yeah, uh you might think I'm crazy but, I'm a werewolf. The funny thing is that I'm the only one in my family that it's a werewolf. My father thinks I'm weird 'cause of what I am, he says I'm not his child but a child of Satan just because I'm a shifter....

That night...

"Violet! Come down here and make me dinner, now!" – Yeah you can guess that's my father.

"I'm coming, sir"- I answered, I wasn't allow to call him daddy or dad like every kid does, for him the dead Violet was he's only daughter and I wasn't.

"Violet Enid Smith, get down here and now!" he yelled

"I'm coming, I'm coming..."- I answered

"How many times have I told you about taking your damn fucking time to make my dinner"- he yelled at me

"I'm sorry sir, I'm very sorry... Please don't punish me..."- I whimper

"Oh you know damn right you're going to have your punishment"-he said smirking at me.

"What's wrong Marcus... why are you screaming at you daughter?"-my mom said as she entered the room

"That thing it's not my daughter Chloe and you damn know it"-he said

"Marcus...."-my mom started

"Mom what is he talking about"-I asked her

"Nothing that concerns you Violet"-she said.

"Come on Chloe, when are you telling that brat I'm not her real father!"-He said and as soon he was over with does words my mother slapped him-"Tell her Chloe...Tell her that her father it's just a creep and a dog just like her!"-he screamed

"Her father it's not a creep or a dog he's a werewolf!"- She screamed and then covered her mouth...

"He's not my father? You both lied to me. You knew I'm not human?"-I asked, she started to come towards me-"No don't get close to me, don't touch me, you bitch!"- I was really angry with her I wasn't even thinking until something hit me.

"Don't you dare talk to your mother like that u brat. Get the fuck out of my house!!"- He said after he slapped me.

"Violet, please wait..."- she started

"Don't..."-I said looking at her for the last time.

I ran out of that house with my mother screaming in my back. I ran in my human form seems I didn't know how to change into my wolf, so I ran until someone pained me down to the ground, it was another werewolf but this one had red eyes, the wolf shifted and on top of me was a naked man.

"What the hell let me go...Get off me you asshole"- I screamed

"You really think I'm going to let a pretty thing like you go?"-he asked

"Of course you will if you don't want to die idiot"- I yelled at him

"Hahaha baby you're so funny"-he said as he started to rub himself and his erection was growing and he started to rip my shirt and that was the moment I knew he wasn't playing.

"No... please... please don't, I'll give you anything but please don't rape me, please!!!"- I begged him but he ignored me and kept ripping my clothed-"PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME... PLEASE HELP!!!!"- I yelled hopping that someone will rescue me from this nightmare.

Erik (POV)

Today it's the day I get to know my lovely mate, the one I'm suppose to take care, and lead my pack with. I was getting ready to check at the boarders with my beta and before I got out of the pack house my 3rd in command came in.

"Alpha Erik, we have found two rouges fighting in boarders"-said Alex my 3rd in command.

"Let's go then"- I told him, we shifted into our wolves and ran to the boarders and in that moment the most amazing and delicious smell hit me that made me run faster, when we got to the boarders we shifted again and the most horrible and painful scene came to my view.

"Get that bastard off her. That's mate!"-my wolf Reik told me, and that was the moment I realized why I felt that pain in my chest when I saw that asshole on top of my mate.

"Please... please don't hurt me...please..."- she begged and cries

"No baby girl, this isn't what I want u begging for. You'll like the pleasure I'll give u as soon I'm inside you."-he smirk and

Right there I lost it; nobody touches what its mine. I started shaking I was furious because someone else was on top of my mate, Alex notice and he called my father through the mind link.

"What's wrong Erik, why did Alex call..."-he started but I didn't hear any more because I shifted and ran towards my mate to safe her.-"Erik!!"-my dad called but Reik was already in control.

"Kill him... I want blood... no one touches my mate!!..."-said Reik

I got closer as I jumped I toke him with me, I started fighting him. I didn't give him a chance to shift so I killed him right away. I was making sure he wouldn't get up and attack me or my mate, and then I heard a whimper. I turned and say my mate with tears down her cheeks and trying to cover her.

""-she asked shaking and covering her chest. I went and shifted and got cloth for me and her.

"Yeah, he won't hurt you again, and I'm sorry if I scared you when I shifted and killed him, but what he was going to do to you wouldn't be fair to someone."-I said and gave her the shirt.-"I'm Erik by the why, what's your name?"-I asked her.

"I'm Violet, I thought I was the only werewolf around here"-she said

"You aren't from here aren't you?"-I asked and she shocked her head.-"Do you have a place stay?"-I asked

"Not really... I just..."- she started saying but stopped.

"You just...?"- I asked

"I should go, thank you, Erik."-she said

"Wait, Violet..."-I grabbed her hand and there we felt the connection of the mate bond.

"You...You are my...Ma...Mate..."-she said

"Yes love, I'm your mate and you are mine, come on your going home with me."-I hugged her and inhale her scent

"Thank you Erik..."-she said

"For you I'll do whatever, just to make you happy Violet."- I told her

"Erik, are you alright..."-my father and Alex got close to us and seems Violet got scared she thought they were going to hurt us, she hide behind me and whimper.

"Who is this young lady Erik?"-my 3rd in command asked me.

"She's my mate Alex. Dad, I really found her, I found her..."-my dad knew how much I wanted to find my mate and he was happy for me.

"I know son. Hello young lady what's your name?"-he asked her

"Vi...Violet..."-she answered

"A beautiful name for my new daughter." my dad said smiling.

"Thank you, Sir"-she said

"Oh, nonsense call me Cole"-ha told her-"This is Alex, my sons 3rd in command"-he explained her.

"Luna..."-he bowed his head to her in respect

"Luna??..."-she questioned me...

"I'll explain later love..."-I said

"Ok..."-she agreed

We got to the pack and everyone was staring at us, especially her because they didn't know her, but they will son. We were reaching the pack house I felt that Violet stopped...

"Violet are you...?"- I started asking but as soon as I turned around my mate fainted and I grabbed her just in time. Everyone was looking at me worriedly but they knew I could take care of it. We came in into the pack hospital and my mom came rushing hearing the news that I had founded my mate.

"Oh, my baby has found his mate."- My mom sheered.

"Mom you can't be calling me baby anymore, I am a man and a man that just found his mate"- I let her know

"Oh, whatever you're going to be my baby till I go with the moon Goddess Erik."- She said proudly.

After my mom made sure that my mate was ok she didn't leave but when the night came I felt lonely but at the same time I didn't because I had my mate here with me, but she was in her own sleep.

It's been 3 days seems I found my mate and 3 days seems she fell fainted and haven't waked up. It's hard not to see her around walking, talking and getting to know my parents and pack. It has been really quiet lately, seems the pack knew that Violet was my mate they came here to say their hopes that their Luna wakes up.

My beta Aaron didn't know I found my mate seems he was in his honeymoon with his mate and I didn't want to ruined that to him knowing that it's been the same amount of time that I had on waiting on my mate. He wanted to know so he asked me if he could come and visit us, but I mind linked me and I told him I will explain later but a whimpered distracted me and I turned around. My Mate was waking up, good cause I was staring to miss her a lot even though I just found her, but seems I saw her she meant everything to me.

"She's waking up, Erik... She's waking up!!"- My wolf was happy that my mate was staring to wake up.

"Erik... where are you...please don't leave me, please stay with me..."- she said in her sleep.

"I'm here baby, I'm never going to leave you or hurt you, my love. You are my world baby girl; I will always be on your side... Forever."- I whispered in her ear as she relaxed and felt asleep again. - "I'll always be on your side baby girl, always"-and with does words I felt asleep on her side.

Hey guys I'll try to update almost every Monday and Wednesday. First book hope ya'll like it and feel free to comment or contact me by my email that will be on my profile. Also open to every suggestion that you may have.

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